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Thread: My cycle, worried about gyno/hair loss

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    Default My cycle, worried about gyno/hair loss

    I'm preparing for my first cycle, put it on the back burner and spent a lot of time in the nutrition section the last several months. Have been on the CKD for over a month now, and I'm hungry but it's all good, still on track. Am on a clen/t3 cycle now.

    I was hoping to get some expert opinion, BB helped me a lot when I first came to the site, and I wanted to know how to include the counter measures for gyno and hair loss into my cycle.

    What I was thinking:
    GP Letrozole (Femara) -20 tabs (2.5 mg/tab) GYNO
    Dutasteride (brand Avodart) - 10 caps (0.5mg/cap) HAIR LOSS

    Cycle Length: 10 weeks
    Cycle Layout:
    Weeks 1-10 500 mg GP Test Enathate250 per week
    Weeks 1-10 100mg GP Mast 100 every other day
    Weeks 1-5 75mg GP Oxy anadrol every day
    Weeks 1-10 .5mg GP Anastrozole eod
    Weeks 5-10 1000iu's Pregnyl HCG every week
    Weeks 12-16 20mg GP Nolva/50mg GP Clomiphene every day

    I know the oxy anadrol doesn't aromatize, but I've read alot of higher estrogen side-effects coming from it's use.

    Am planning to run HGH throughout the entire cycle, beginning at least a month before I begin the cycle.

    Hygetropin 1 kit (25 vialsx8iu) 3 kits +

    Weeks 1-4 -2 iu/day
    5 - 2.5/day
    6 - 3 iu/day
    7 - 3.5/day
    8-17 - 4 iu/day
    17- ?

    I'm 28 y/o, 6'0, 186 lbs, 14% bf


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    I think this stack, or what I can get that's it's equivelant is what I'll add for one of my probs. Thx Haz

    1) Nizoral Shampoo - Used every second day. Keeps your scalp clean and also contains Ketokonazole which has been scientifically proven to stop hairloss, and in certain cases reverse the process, in individuals who are prone to MPB

    2) Minoxidil 5% - Applied twice a day, every day. This topical solution is basically nitric oxide for your hair. When applied to the scalp area it basically causes vaso-dilation (expansion of the blood vessels) which allows oxygen-rich blood to saturate the hair follicle. (Remember hair loss is basically caused when the hair follice is starved of oxygen and the use of minoxidil thus prevents this from happening)

    3) finasteide - Taken in pill form. 1mg/day. Finasetrde is basically an AR blocker which means it prevents testerone from aromatizing into DHT via the reductase enzyme. DHT is basically the cause of mpb in males and thus by blocking or limiting the amount of the compound produced in the body we are essentially lessening our chances of losing hair

    4) Spirolanctone - Basically topical finasteride. Will prevent test-dht aromatization only in the scalp tissue. Great product, stinks like hell though..

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