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Thread: Hey guys, sorry been away, need weight loss help

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    Default Hey guys, sorry been away, need weight loss help

    Had knee surgery back in July of last year which has put me down until now. I am fully clear to do whatever I want. problem is I gained a ton of fat.

    Current stats:

    32.5% BF
    76lbs fat
    158lbs lean bodyweight.

    I am increasing exercise, lowering my caloric intake, going high protein with mostly low glycemic carbs. As for as working out, doing the 5-3-1 program with walking and hill sprints for cardio.

    My thing is I gained a ton and feel like shit. Test dropped to 190 so I started TRT with 100mg Cyp per week. I need something to help speed up the fat loss and help some with appetite. I tried 37.5mg phentermine and all it does is seem to piss me off. No additional energy, no appetite suppressent.

    Any advice or help you bros and sisters can throw my way? I am doing the work, but I do need some additional assistance at least for a short while. PM me if need be.


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    Ok, first thing to understand.. The main energy expenditure of your body is that of maintaining body temperature. Somewhere near 80% of dietary energy is used merely to maintain BMR. Fat is a very good insulator. The more you have, the less heat that is escaping, the less dietary energy you require. This shows one of the basic flaws in using body weight to estimate daily caloric requirements. Plus the ratio of muscle to fat also affects metabolic requirements. And lastly all calories are not created equally. They are not digested/used by the body in such a way as to provide the neutral energy released when burned in a bomb calorimeter. The normal recommendation of lowering calories and increasing exercise is a joke, as evidenced by it's complete failure in general terms.

    Fat gain is caused by insulin. Period. Fat loss is inhibited by insulin. Insulin release is a result of carbohydrate intake. The answer is not to eat low glycemic carbs. They still cause an insulin release. Except for fruit. It is low glycemic, doesn't cause an insulin release. Know why? It's not metabolized as other sugars. It goes directly to the liver where it goes to liver glycogen storage. Once liver glycogen stores are full (about 80g glucose+-) the remainder is turned to fat. That's that.

    You need to go on a CKD. There is plenty of info on this diet already. Check the 14 day version in the sticky at the top of the forum. Now, about 40% of lean body mass is muscle, the rest is skeleton, organs, blood, etc. So you have about 63 lbs muscle. 1.3g +- protein/lb a day is plenty to maintain muscle mass. So 100g protein a day. No more because we don't want to risk any excess being converted to glucose. And no whey protein. It's insulinogenic on it's own, plus a large amount converts to glucose. So no whey. Fat should be at 100-120g day. You want to eat enough to stimulate fat metabolism but not enough to provide all your metabolic needs. Carbs should be kept to <20g day.

    I would advise a liver/gall bladder flush prior. If you have a fatty liver/ obstructed gall bladder, then bile secretion and fat metabolism are going to be compromised. Strongly consider this...

    So, 100g protein, 120g fat, <20g carbs a day. Psylium seed husk powder, 30g day for regularity. A refeed every 7-10 days where you eat anything and everything you want for a day. This will work.
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    ^^^ 'nuff said!

    I'm on CKD myself and in 12 days I'm down 8 lbs and down 2% BF (I suspect that some of this 8lbs is water since I'm carb depleted)
    53yrs old
    5' 8"
    185lbs / 14-15%bf
    TRT of 75mg/wk

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