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Thread: NPP/EQ/Prop/Masteron Cycle ?'s/Review

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    Default NPP/EQ/Prop/Masteron Cycle ?'s/Review

    First things first:
    29 y.o. Male
    205 lbs.
    10+ years working out xp
    This will be my 3rd Cycle (tentative start date is in June)

    Ok, I've planned this cycle for the last couple of months now and I thought I'd post this and see if there is any glaring problems that I have overlooked....
    I've got my diet already critiqued on the board here a little while ago...and everything is cool in that department.

    Running a 12 week cycle with Prop and NPP being the foundation. The reason I'm going with NPP is because of some elbow/joint issues I've been having the last couple of years. I'm going to try and experiment with an EQ and Masteron split evenly into 6 weeks. I would like some feedback please on the dosages on the EQ. I originally had 200mg EOD, but cut it back because I felt the cumulative amount would have been a little high.

    NPP: 100mg EOD for 12 weeks
    Prop: 150mg EOD for 12 weeks
    EQ: 100mg EOD for 1st 6 weeks
    Mast: 150mg EOD for 2nd 6weeks

    Letro, Nolva, and Prami are all on hand to combat any sides and for PCT. I also have a cache of Pregnyl.....

    Please give this a once over and let me know of anything you guys see wrong. I've been staring at it for so long, I think I might be missing the forest through the trees....


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    The EQ needs to be ran at 400 to 800mg per week and for 14 to 18 weeks. It takes a long time to kick in.

    It will give 2 to 6lbs of lean gains, and a side affect is extra oily skin.

    Good luck brother,


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    your just waisting your time and money if u are only running the eq at 6 weeks and why do 100mg eod it ant a short ester and doing it that way u wont be getting in enoff mg anyways min should bee 600mg week... before u rush into this start doing some research so u know about these drugs and how the shoudl be used so u can use them right and not waist your money and time

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    Ok, I have enough EQ to up the dosage and duration to 600mg/wk for 12 weeks....

    Is there any concern as to the total amount of AAS I will have in my system?

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    I'm also a little confused at the reason behind 3 short esters, and then there's EQ. However, that's already been addressed, so another thing i want to point out is that you want to stop the npp a couple weeks before the prop. This way you will still have test flowing as the prolactin from npp can clear.

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    the eq is still kinda short cause its goign to take about at least 10 weeks to kick in... it has a very very long ester you should really be running around 16weeks for the eq to get good use out of it... im one around week 7 of my eq at 800mg a week adn it still has not kicked in for me yet

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    I would drop the EQ completely due to the reasons already stated. Save it for a longer cycle.

    You also need to drop the NPP after week 10 so you can recover properly during PCT.

    I personally would run the NPP @ 150 mgs EOD as well. Masteron dropped to 100 mgs EOD.
    29 Years Old
    261 lbs
    9.78% BF (Parillo Caliper Method)
    ON Cycle Week 4 of 11
    Start Cycle Stats: 246 lbs & 8.67% BF

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    Hazcat Guest


    Good discussion and on point.

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