8 years ago i was the top union roofer...i was the best mop man in the tri state area 6 foot 6 260 pds and swung a 160 pnd hot tar mop every day...fell off roof broke my neck and lost all my muscle..could barley lift a gallon of milk...doctors said nerves in arms shoulders a chest had died and i would never get strenght back ...got depressed gained 120 pds...5 years ago started walking lost 100 pds had all loose skin started lifting and nerves had come back and i went from 90 pd bench to 225 pds in 6 months and hav'nt stopped since.Stronger now at 53 then ever before.Anyway i've tried some oral steroids and even igf r3long but decided to get help from professionals like you guys,before i found this site i placed an order 16 amps sus 250 and 60 oral tabs of primobol 50mgs and was planning 8 week cycle 500 mg sus 250 twice a week and a 50 mg primobol tab every day...then arimdex and clomid and some gaspari testosterone booster i got at gnc for a pct...i'm about 290 pds now (45 of it fat)and 6 foot 6 good health and eat alot of egg whites tuna chicken fruit veggies...lookin to bulk this time...maybe cut cycle over the summer...am i on the right track?....Jim