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Thread: My update - now into 2nd month TRT and some bloods

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    took 11 months to get the script

    Default My update - now into 2nd month TRT and some bloods

    Hi guys,
    Not feeling much benefit from the TRT which is testogel, i think the uk name for androgel.

    Maybe I feel less anxious/depressed, I can't quantify it. I think I look a little bit better from working out. Have been doing squats, shrugs, chest press and lat raises, all 3 times a week.

    Libido-wise, nothing. - Surprised as

    1: Starting week 5 I went up to 2 sachets testogel daily.

    2: I've been supplementing with proviron (since beginning). Started at 25mg, went to 50 when I saw no bad sides (like hair falling out, or acne).

    My new doctor, a private one, wants to see me after 6 months.

    [Edit: removed blood work from previous doctor as there are no measurements, references, only numbers. After trying to research them, found they are meaningless.. ]
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