Ok guys after 2 years of working out and the local hero's at the gym, I happen to think my routine is so jacked up I am lost in it, LOL I need some solid advice and once again I come to you guys. I am not trying to look like the HULK, just add some size and then define it. I have added some size in the two years, but the last year seems to have slowed down and I think the major reason is my routine is jacked with so much advice from the MONSTER GYM GUYS, don't take offense please at that. So I am posting my routine and need advice on the following: REPS vs SETS, when should I bump my weight up( i try and bump it 5 lbs every other week,is that good ?)and again I want the bulk and then will worry about defining myself later which is mostly diet. Mind you I have a bad lower back which I threw out 6 disc, so I have to tend to stay away from barbell bent rows, free standing squats and deadlifts, all in time once I build my lower back. ZSo with that in mind here is my routine and don't hold back, if you have to get harsh then do, because the only way I can get back on track is with the knowledge in this forum...Thanks in Advance......

Monday: Shoulder and Traps:Seated Arnold Press Dmbbell 45lbs 4 setsx 8
Side Lateral Raises Dmbbell 20lbs 4 setsx 8
Front Lateral Raises Dmbbell 25lbs 4 setsx 8
Reverse Dmbbell Raises 20lbs 4 setsx 8
Dumbbell Shrugs 50lbs 4 setsx 8
at end 20 minute aerobic
(note took your advice on higher reps today, felt good and felt the strain from extra reps and lowered my weight by 10lbs)
Tuesday: Tricep and Abs
Close Grip Bench: 100lbs 4 setsx 6
Skull Crushers 65lbs 4 setsx 6
French Press Dmbbell 50lbs 4 setsx 6
Cable Rope 70lbs 4 setsx 6
Roman Chair 4 setsx 20
Abs 100 crunches(incudes side crunches also)
Wednesday Legs
Stand Squat 100lbs 4 setsx6 reps
Leg Press 200lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Leg Extension 100lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Leg Curl 110lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Calf Smith Machine 50lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Aerobics 20 minutes
Thursday: Chest and Forearm
Dumbbell Flat Bench Press 65lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Dumbbell Incline Press 50lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Incline Flye 25lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Flat Bench Fly 25lbs 4 setsx 6
Barbbell Wrist Curl 40lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Reverse Cable Curl 70lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Abs 100 crunches(incudes side crunches also)
Friday: Back and Bicep
Seated Barbbell Curl 50lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Seated Hammer Curl 35lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Wide Grip EZ Bar Curl 50lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
Close Grip Pull Down 135lbs 4 setsx 6 reps
I have 3 different Lat Smith Machines that I use. They attack you at 3 different angles and I do 150lbs 4 setsx 6 reps.....
Aerobis 20 minutes