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Thread: stacking with Liquid Clen

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    Question stacking with Liquid Clen

    Hi guys...
    After 2 weeks on Liquid Clen at 120, I didn't see a lot of results... a little bit of weight loss, nothing significant on the bf% which is what I was looking for in the first place. A little disappointed in the product but I am wondering if this needs to be stacked with something else?

    My diet is in order and I train 4 times a weeks with good cardio, swimming and following a simple beginner routine (from this blog). I was hoping to drop at least 5% body fat and nothing happened.

    Do I need to push another week or so since I didn't have any major side effects? I had the "regular" side effects the first week, then nothing at all. Didn't have to take Taurine or anything.

    I am far from being an athlete so I am just wondering if I am doing something wrong here when everybody else seems to see results within a couple of weeks or so.

    Thank you for your input.

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    post your diet. what you eat and at what times. i know you say you have it in order but usually diet needs a little more of a tweak for clen to work

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    hey mate, u cant expect to drop 5% body fat from 2 weeks of clen, that is just outrageous. no matter what u take ull never drop 5% body fat in 2 weeks. keep up the diet and cardio.

    and to answer ur question no dont run it another week, take sum eca stack (ephedrine caffiene and asprin) for two weeks then jump back on the clen.
    no your not doing anything wrong, just keep dieting and alot of cardio and ull reach ur goals.

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