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Thread: Let's talk cardio

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    Default Let's talk cardio

    Obviously cardio is important to burning fat, which is my main focus right now. But what's optimal? Should it be pre-workout, post-workout? How long? At what intensity? I could hop on the treadmill and run a 5k at 8 miles an hour everyday, but is that gonna burn muscle in the process? I certainly don't want to look like a runner. The only thing I'm lookin to lose is fat. Period. So, help a brotha out if you will!

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    There is a lot of good info on this board. I believe the worst time is preworkout as you would
    burn too much muscle as energy. The two optimal times would be first thing in the morning on
    an empty stomach for 30-45 min and lift about 6-10 hrs later. I believe another alternative is post workout
    but for only 12-15 min

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    Being as you're on a CKD, a one hour walk @ 4mph post workout would be good. Or a 4 mile walk in the park (or whatever, I prefer walking in Nature as opposed to the treadmill) if that sounds better.

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    I dont like tredmills at all.IMO,i think there pretty rubbish.I use to own one but got rid of it.From my point of view,the tredmil is pulling your legs back,not actually running but more so a game of "catch up".When you run on the beach or in the park etc. your pushing yourelf and you're calves/legs are getting much more of a workout.Not to mention the avalabilitly of movement you have in the open.
    If you are one that suffers from fat build up around the stomach i suggest swimming for a type of cardio.I'ts no myth that running burns fat around the stomach but with swimming,the extentions and movements your body makes to perform a style like freestyle in example,targets movement and motion around the stomach area alot more.
    An easy quick method of cardio i find are sprints.Instead of running around an oval being overdosed with deja vu,i set 150m markings out and do 3 sets of sprints.Just from that alone i feel more worked than running 5 laps of a 400m oval.Plus,if you're sticking to the same length runs,at the same pace on the same days you're kinda keeping you're cardiovascular performance static.Get a stop watch and inprove you're sprints,push harder each time and that itself is a leg workout.

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    The only reason I use a treadmill is because it's much easier on my knee. If I run on the street for any period of time I have a ton of pain, and can't walk for a week.

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    Aslong as you're getting results and you're not putting yourself in pain,keep going!

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    Believe me, if I could get out and run outside regularly, I would. It is incredibly boring trying to cover 3 miles without actually moving!

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    Can you guys elaborate on windsprints a little more. I too wanna drop a % or 2 without losing to much muscle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSU#1 View Post
    Can you guys elaborate on windsprints a little more. I too wanna drop a % or 2 without losing to much muscle.

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