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Thread: The Real Truth About Steroids - Documentary

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    Awesome video here.

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    I can say im 42 and 1st experienced with AAS at 23 yrs old. Didnt get much from it. But of course i had no clue what i was doing. 100mg of test p a week wont do much lol. But did wonders for my mond and made me train 'Wrong' like a beast. I got serious about training after my brothers death in 08. Training was his life and i got serious about it to honor him. Thats when i found the love for training. I hit a peak and started dabbling in it again and then found tren and saw what it would do. At 42 im stronger and in better shape than ever. But i dont abuse. I do the liver protection, pct and take usually 3-4 months off between cycles, im still learning if you ask me. But im sure if abused then like any drug it can be deadly. Its common sense. Funny thing is tou can go to GNC and spend hundreds of dollars that are wasted, or spend a little less and get real gear that works and was designed for medical reasons. Must say ive never seen anyone get any faster from simply using Winstrol lol. Awesome video for sure

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    Steroids have been on the forefront of bodybuilding debates. Some say that maximum gains are impossible without them, while others say that the side effects are not worth the gains one gets from steroids.

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    The anabolic steroids are the best what I’ve discovered for myself. They helped me to make my dreams come true - to build up the muscle bulk easily and effectively and, of course, to accomplish this as quickly as possible.

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    Too bad, the video is no longer available.

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    Why won't it let me watch? Says video not available grrrrrrrr

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    I know I can search for any video on the web related to this but I want to know which one they've been watching.

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