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Thread: diet critque?

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    Smile diet critque?

    Meal #1

    6 scrambled eggs 2 yolks
    2 pieces of wholemeal toast
    ¼ of avocado
    1 mandarin or ½ grapefruit or 1 cup berries

    Meal #2


    Meal #3

    200gram chicken
    1 large serving of veggies (green)
    Cook with tablespoon olive oil
    100 grams of barely

    Meal #4 – after gym

    200gram chicken
    Small amount cheese
    1-2 whole wheat wraps depending
    1 serve sauce of choice

    Meal #5

    200gram of steak or fish
    1 large serve of veggies (green)

    Meal #6

    Peanut butter shake

    Low-Carb Peanut Butter shake
    1.5 scoop of protein powder
    1 servings of natural peanut butter
    1 Cups of Milk
    1 serving fat free cottage cheese

    Low-Fat Fruit Smoothie
    1.5 Scoops protien
    1 big banana
    1 packet of instant, non-flavored oatmeal
    200 gram of light yogurt
    1cups of light milk

    also add in mroe carbs after gym, either extra wholemeal rap or sweet potato or barley, also depending on which meal is after gym grams of meat goes upto 300-320
    snack on nut n fruit throughout day

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    Fruit makes you fat.

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    thanks for that ay! good input!

    anyone else got any advice??

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucky_bastard! View Post
    Fruit makes you fat.
    No it doesnt!

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    what is your goal? where are you now?

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    Hazcat Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by sexyironlady View Post
    what is your goal? where are you now?
    There ya go. That's some important questions. If you're at maintenance then your diet looks fine. If you're looking to lean out then there some suggestions we can make.

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