I am a fromer resident of a soviet block country. I am 51 years old and have had a very close relationship to those who formed alinshop the origial idea was to provide quality products at affordable prices. In about 2008 to 2009 they were pressured by organized crime to become part of an attempt to consoladate all eastern european and russian suppliers. Although you may think you are ordering from let us say, i vitimins. You are really ordering from a father company who is swallowing up the small *****. The list grows larger daily. If you have not had any problems from eastern europe. You have been lucky. It will soon be obvious that customer service is the last detail on there list.as i said i am 51 and still compete i have detailed information on this subject and have seen many friends lose there jobs , even worse.should you get ripped off, call western union's fraud dept. Tell them the money was for adoption informayion. Do the same with the e. European pos offices. Countries not to order from are any east of germany. Do not order from czec. Rep, moldova rep.*******, russia ,romania any former soviet block contry. I will keep everyone posted as developments occur. Please send any scams from this reason on the boards. We have to stick together thanks for welcoming me