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Thread: ok, need help with this.

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    Angry ok, need help with this.

    Since i have been told i am too young to take anabolic steroids, and i have already taken a couple cycles of prohormones, i am looking to find a new prohormone to take that provides good results. Anybody have anny suggestions on some good prohormones out there?? Id really appreciate the help.

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    i was thinking beastdrol but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    How about food and exercise?... and creatine?

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    how bout food and excercise and a prohormone?

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    You Already have the wrong mentality, thinking that some majic pill or "prohormone" will all of a sudden help you get jacked.

    Unfortunately it dosent work like that. No matter what you take steroids or not quality muscle dosent come easy. It come's with a proper diet, nutrition and lots of time. Even with AAS if diet and nutrition is not correct you will not achieve the results that you want.

    Trust me there is alot to be said about a good diet and proper nutrition.

    If you want to take suplements that are vital to any one wanting to build mass throw these into your routine.

    IE: Protein,BCAA'S and Creatine. Glutamine post work out... etc

    Good luck and keep at it...

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    I am aware diet is probably the most important variable in getting the results u want, but i am just wondering if anybody knows of a good prohormone that will help me out!

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    Creative is all you need. In words of my old football coach " quit being a bi tch and work your ass off If you want it that bad!"

    There are no shortcuts to greatness. Just blood, sweat, and tears bro

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    ok u guys r starting to piss me off if there are no shortcuts and diet and excercise is all u need then y r guys registered to an anabolics steroid website?! u r just contrdicting urselves becuz u obviously use more then diet and excercise as well, if somebody would like to give me some good prohormone ideas please feel free if not i dnt feel it is necessary to post on this thread. Thank you!

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    Ph don't work bro. Just another marketing scheme. You'll put on shit loads of water then lose it all!
    I'd rather be riding my motorbike thinking about god than sitting in church thinking of my motorbike. Amen to that!

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    You said it yourself in your last post as to what kind of site this is....prohormones are a waste of time and money. If you really new how powerful proper training and diet were you wouldn't be asking about prohormones.

    We use AAS to accelerate growth...PROPERLY. Please tell us about your diet and training because I'm sure you don't have it correct.
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