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Thread: Bodybuilders fried rice

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    Default Bodybuilders fried rice

    You will need;

    1 cup of brown rice
    2 eggs
    10 small-medium prawns
    100g peas+corn
    2 rashes of ****ped bacon (optional)
    garlic granules
    thai seasoning

    Add 1 cup of brown rice to boiling water. Let the rice cook for around 15 minutes or untill cooked. Before the rice is ready you can preheat the wok on medium low and whisk the two eggs in a bowl. Add the prawns, bacon, garlic granules and seasoning to the wok. Drain your rice in a strainer and add in the peas and corn then the eggs to the wok shortly after, stirring consistantly to break up the eggs. Once the rice is drained add to the pan. Let the mixture cook for a further 5 minutes on med-high. Allow 5 minutes to cool down then enjoy!
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