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Thread: Diaz vs GSP

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    Default Diaz vs GSP

    Very tuff fight for GSP. Diaz and Condit both can out box GSP and possible submit him if it get carried away with his ground and pound. GSP will be much stronger and bigger than Diaz and will probably just take him down and wait for the ref to stand them back up. Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds and GSP gets another boring ass win..... I hope GSP fights Diaz with the same plan he used against Jake Sheilds, He would get slaughtered then imo....

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    ill admit his fight against shields was boring, but i dnt think that diaz can beat gsp he is just too good

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    IMO, GSP will take down Diaz and GnP for 25 minutes while I nap.

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    I hope gsp loses. He needs a loss so he can get that killer instinct back. He's too comfortable with where he's at. Very boring. He needs to attack more and finish the job against his opponents when he has the chance instead of drawing it out to a lame finish

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