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Thread: AG GUYS, the best

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    hahaha i got 2 free bottles of clen the last order i made. i mean it was a big order but still, didnt ask for a thing! lovely suprise. gave me the cramps and the shakes like a motha fucker!!! legit brand, great quality. good shit

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    hahahaha; note: now everybody will ask for freebies next time!

    i would also like to give a big thanks to AG-GUYS, even when i had money short they refunded me and then when i had money i bought it ! ! !

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    Their great! Products Definitly legit. Have done serveral orders through them and all were here in 4 days to east coast.

    -never got any freebies tho!!!!!! Lol

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    I have just received a couple bottles of liquid dex.

    Is the glass dropper provided suppose to be one ml when its completely full?

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    Yes it is 1ml Aussie Bob, but I use a syringe with the needle part screwed off. It's makes dosing easier and much more accurate, especially with adex when you'll most likely be using .25/.5ml

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