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Thread: Supplements in your arsenal

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    Default Supplements in your arsenal

    This is a topic that we dont talk much about, OTC stuff does not help and in most cases is a waste of money.

    I always stick to the basics and dont use many supplement company stuff.

    BCAAs are always a must, but how much is enough. I run about 23,000 - 46,000MG a day. I have done this before but never regimented and never tested.
    I just picked up a new bottle of liquid Super aminos by dymatize nutrition. I used to use Amino 2222 which I can no longer find local to me.
    Going to run about 11,500 a day and see how I do for the month. Recommended dose of this product is 23,000 a day.

    Glutamine in some type of micronized form always. I use about 2 Teaspoons a day, I am unsure how much that is. 9000mg L-Glutimine about I would guess.

    Multi vitamin, I used to use Orange Triad but its from supplement company not a health company. I decided that supplement companies are after my money and not interested so much in my health. I have switched to Immuno Multi by CanPrev.

    Animal Pack Flex, this breaks my rules for a supplament company, but I have found that this piticular pack helps my joints along, it contains msn and sulpher and some other goodies. I am trying to support joints and ligiments as much as possible.

    PVL Whey Gourmet, I order this is 25 or 50 tubs at a time, its 1 2lb tub every 5 days or so.

    Steroids make me stronger than my body is allowed to be at this time. Support is necessary.

    I cant stress how much a solid clean diet is important to what we do, without it I would be lost. Dont get me wrong here are some other good things to eat from time to time:

    Mcdonalds big mac, this little beauty is packed with nutritional good ness! The special sauce alone is backed by the mc man himself. How could it be bad? Dont eat more than 2 a week, your body will go into shock.

    Double down, 2 breasts of chicken smothered in Mayo...Sign me up!
    Its chicken, just what a bodybuilder needs, and who hates bacon sheesh.

    KFC, yeah thats right boys, you eat your dry nasty chicken and you like it. Boil it, fry it, oh wait lets DEEP FRY IT with the skin on and then eat it! oh god my mouth is drooling...I am down for some additional calories in the form of drum sticks.

    I would be interested to know what is In your Arsenal!
    Serious conversational pieces only of course
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    Dymatize ISO-100 is about the finest protein supplement you can get. O cholesterol and plenty of branched chain amino acids. It mixes easy and tastes great. Price is reasonable too. I have tried a number of other brands and they don't compare to ISO-100. Some of Dymatize brands are not that great. Their extended release whey dosen't mix well and dosen't taste good.

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    I always take my One A Day Multi vit

    fish oil 4800mg a day
    flax seed oil 2400mg a day
    whey protein
    BCAA's- 26200mg aday

    zinc- 100mg a day
    L-Arginine 1000mg aday

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    protein and bcaa's has me at the most.

    as for flax seeds, omegas,vitamins, olive oil, thats all in my diet anyway.

    i do use injectable b12 also.

    say, im not a fan of any of the fast food joints.. they honestly make me sick after eating it.

    the closest thing i get to take away is thai, fresh wood oven pizza and sushi..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dleato View Post

    say, im not a fan of any of the fast food joints.. they honestly make me sick after eating it.

    the closest thing i get to take away is thai, fresh wood oven pizza and sushi..[/B]
    agreed! makes me sick and guilty. ^^^^ those sound like good cheat foods

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    I love real Italian pizza, thats my big downfall when it comes to diet, not good living to one that makes such good pizzas!

    Supplements include:
    Protein (Optimum Nutrition, Universal Nutrition & Gaspari Myofusion)
    Fish Oil (Controlled Labs Oximega Caps)
    BCAA's (Xtend)
    Creatine (Controlled Labs Green Magnitude)

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    I only take whey protein (Met-RX, Chocolate), (1-2 scoops) a day, and I get the rest of my protein through solid food sources. I have not tried any other supplements, and I don't use steroids. I am a college student, so I don't have a lot of money, but I would like more insight into supplements that make noticeable differences in: endurance/stamina, strength, recovery, and/or muscle building. There are multiple websites, forums, ads, and professionals supporting multitudes of products. I don't want to begin on a road of taking like 10+ supplement powders/elixirs...but I often feel that I may be cheating myself, I think there may be things I definitely should be using. However, I am a very skeptical person, so I don't try things...haha

    So: What are the number-one supplements that you swear by, what are your must-haves for bodybuilding?

    I'm ~175 lb, 5'9", 21 years old, male, unsure of bf% (edit: likely 15-20%); I don't have a visible six-pack, but I don't have a gut. I have been lifting seriously for 3 years. If you have questions, please ask. Also, hopefully I am posting this in the right area...

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    Gold standerd whey and casanin. Creatine. Super pump 250.

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    I'm a firm believer in a very well balanced diet so that supplements are at a minimum. Only use a good muliti vit/min, vit C, Glutamine and whey protein.
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    i hate you people...fucking burgers,big mac pizzas im gona cryyyyyyyyyy:{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ i use optimum whey,orange triad multi vit, glutamine peptide,super aminos 4800,cla,fish oils,ive stoped my pre work drinks because i use gear;]

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