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Thread: HCG dilution

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    Default HCG dilution

    hey guys, should be getting my HCG tomorrow or Monday & want to know how y'all dilute it. Mine is 5000IU/vial and I plan on using 250IU/day.

    I'm thinking that diluting with 2.5mL bacteriostatic water is right. This would yield a 2000IU/mL solution. I'd then shoot 0.125mL (10.g units on the slin pin) to get 250IU. The 5000IU would last me 20 days and I think if refrigerated, that should be OK for that long.

    What I don't know is if the 5000IU will fully dissolve in 2.5mL. Will it need more water? Never used it and don't know about it's solubility. Am I better off diluting with 5mL for a more dilute solution?
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    yeah that should be fine, and incase it dosent dissovle properly you can add another 2.5ml

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    i get the 5000iu bottles to and they come with 2ml of solution. i just put the 2ml in there and .1ml is 250iu
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    At 5000iu per vial if you dilute it with 2ml bac water then 1/10th of a cc would be 250iu.
    I have several amps sitting in my fridge for about a year now. not mixed from scherring. Amps are a pain to deal with.
    But I'll probably never use the stuff again anyway.
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