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Thread: No Cork for test prop?

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    Default No Cork for test prop?

    hey everybody,

    Thanx for takeing your time to read my thread,

    Just quick question if you feel no cork for 1.25cc first inj of test prop.

    can you determine if it's fake or? cause apparently next day should be hurting like hell
    glute is a bit sensitive but that's it... help?

    thanx in advance

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    my exp. prop always gives you a kick the following few days. but by no means does it mean it is fake if its not hurting.. but be skeptical. you will know in 5-7 pins time
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    The pain or soreness of any compound is typically determined by the ratio and combination of solvents used in the production. Some labs tout pain-free oils, or less painful oils, depending on their recipe. So as jonnyboy pointed out, don't use post-inj pain as a determining factor. Usually for me, it's not the following day, but the day after that I feel prop the most. Haha, put your next pin in the bicep, then you'll know
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    Hazcat Guest


    From day one, I've rarely had any pain from any injection. It's about the only area in my life that I"m lucky. I agree you can't rate the quality of the product by the amount of pain it imposes.

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    Appreciate your responses everybody! that added a bit of clarity to my situation

    so results should speak the loudest by the sounds of things.

    gonna try few more quad glute & delt shots. if it's completly pain-free during 1-2 vials. is that a indicator of dud batch?
    or the solvents will depend on that?


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    The injection pain means nothing. I have home brewed prop with grape seed oil, ba and bb and it never gave me any pain at all. I have bought it from other sources and the first few injections almost crippled me.
    Just wait two weeks then you'll know whether it's fake or not.
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    Get some blood tests done, then you will know 100% good or bad.

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    Seems like prop always hit me pretty hard. hell ive shot some before that i could barely walk for 5 days, and with EOD pins, a long cycle of that shit can get old....real quick. I agree that pain is not a tell all of the quality. But like was stated you will know 5 to 7 pins in if its good. your dick should start getting hard if the wind blows!

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    thanx for advice y'all, maybe 1 kg gain after a week. no physical changes, and still no pain. might take darks advice and get blood tests. but idk my previous test levels so that very may well be obselete ;/

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