I have been training full time for 2 and a half years with the only break coming due to hernia operation which kept me out for roughly 4 months.
I train 5 days a week, 5 to 6 meals a day consisting mainly of chicken , kangaroo, turkey for meats
Brocholii, ground beans, spinach for vegtables
oats, sweet potatoe , wholemeal seeded bread(only if i'm not dieting)
In that 2 years i have gained a reasonable amount of muscle mass , with my initial weight being 76 kilos now weigh 84 with the same body fat. My natrual gains have come to a stand still and as a result have started a cycle consiting of
100 mg of test prop every second day for 10 weeks
75 mg every second day of tren a from week
25 mg of winny everyday from week 7 to 10

At the moment my diet is as follows: meal 1, 1 cup of oats, 4 whole eggs and 2 whites, and half a cup of blueberies
meal 2, either chicken or kangaroo 200-250 g serve,sweet potatoe 150-200 g serve, brocholii or beans
meal 3, either kangaroo or perch(fish), brocholii, half a cup of pecan nuts or avacado, 100 g of sweet potatoe.
meal 4, turkey or chicken breast, beans refried mexican beans, and brocholii and capsicum
meal 5, kangaroo, ground beans ,
meal 6, chicken , brocholii
PRE WORKOUT SHAKE: whey protein, creatine , dextrose, glutamine
POST WORKOUT SHAKE:whey protein , creatine ,dextrose, glutamine
BEFORE BED SHAKE : casein protein
Would this be adequate calories for the first 8 weeks of cycle.