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Thread: Hcg!?!?!??!

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    Default Hcg!?!?!??!

    Hello, my name is Max and I guess I'm kindof new here per say. I only just registered for the forum but I've been on this site for about a year and a half now doing my research. I'm 22 years old been lifting for a good 6 years. But that's enough background. I'm sure this has been asked before, honestly i've searched everywhere for a certain answer, but it seems everybody has conflicting views. Should HCG be taken during cycle or after PCT? Or does it really matter? What if It's a 6 week cycle? a 12 week cycle? A longer cycle? If taken during the cycle should it be taken throughout the entire cycle (12 week or more cycle) or only 6 weeks of the cycle? If only 6 weeks should you start at the beginning middle or end? If taken during cycle won't it desensitize you from future use of HCG? But if you use it during PCT is it too late and it's like your chasing a horse that already has a 500 mile head start? Couldn't it inhibit it's own production via negative feedback loop while used during PCT creating more estrogen? But what if you're using aromasin and nolvadex? Shouldn't all of the estrogen inhibiting drugs prevent this from happening if you only use HCG for the first 3 of the 6 weeks of my PCT? What if I use it for the last week of the cycle, for the inbetween week before i go on nolv. because the enanthate is still going well, and the first week of PCT? So many questions, I'm sorry, btu I hope somebody can help me out...

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    Also might be overkill, but is there a preference anybody here has to use it subc or IM?

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    ok i will try my best to answer this but i could only see a huge blur after reading that

    hcg take it durring the cycle at 205ui's twice a week.. that is a low enoff dosage to keep the boys up and going but not enoff to desensitise them.. desenesetising them is the reasone why i dont liek the idea of running the method of 1000ui everyday for 10days at the end of the cycle.. i thinks its better to running it durring the cycle to keep them up and good then trying to recover from complete shut down at the end of the cycle.....

    as for when to start it durring your cycle.... normaly i will start my hcg about 3-5 weeks in.. depending on the what type of steroid im running.. if its short ester then i will start it earlier.. long ester i will start it a little latter because the ester will effect how long it takes for the boys to start shutting down

    subc is the way to inject

    as for the estrogen u shoudl be running adex durring the cycle and that will take care of the extra estorgen from the hcg

    oh and that part about a 6 week cycle .. there is no point of that u would be waisting your time and money and shutting your self down for no reason...

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