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Thread: Attempting to drop weight on anadrol

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    Default Attempting to drop weight on anadrol

    Sup guys,

    I have a meet coming up in a month and a half. Need to weigh in at 198lbs, and have 24hours to do so. Ive been floating around 205-210 lately, and have been running a great carb cycling diet and still losing some weight. However im going to be adding in anadrol at 100mg a day 4 weeks out. Never ran anadrol before, and im pretty set on doing so. Im also on test cyp and Eq, so no need to worry about that.

    Anyways, My last meet I did the water minipulation trick to make weight. I cut all carbs out 1 week before weigh ins and drank 2 gallons of water per day. 6pm the night before weigh ins I cut all food and water intake. Continued pissing excess water, and went from 206 to 194.

    So my question is, will this kind of weight drop be possible with the added water weight the drol will give me? Am I going to be facing any health issues due to having anadrol in me, and dehydrating myself?

    Like I said, I have 24 hours between weigh ins and competition time, so I have plenty of time to put the weight back on and get healthy.

    Any imput would be greatly appreciatted. I think you guys have more knowledge here than alot of other boards I though about asking.

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    since you've never ran drol you won't know if you'll hold water at all.i know i don't but i also learned my lesson 20+yrs ago doing 200mg/ed.nearly killed me.i get great gains at 50mg/ed and also usually run a dbol combo with it,about 30mg/ed.imho i wouldn't run it that high from the gate.100mg/ed don't sound like much but it will put a strain on your b/p and hematocrit levels will rise fast.also don't forget that's alot of DHT floating around there.i would drop the eq-no reason to keep running it if you're trying to make weight fast.not really known for its weight gaining abilities anyway.try the drol at 50mg/ed split into 25mg 2x/ed for a week and see how you feel/ 50mg/ed for me,if it's def legit gtg green giants...hell,i can't even walk to my gym which is only 1 mile away cause the pumps in my calves and hams are so intense i can barely make it up the hill.making weight in such a short amount of time is well...more diet than anything that aas can offer you.

    i'm sure some here will disagree but if you look at every compound we use nothing will put "solid weight' on that fast without it being mostly water.if it is water weight and you can't shed it fast enuff then you may not make your weight in...
    Please,DO NOT contact me via PM for sources-dom or int.i have no such knowledge of either.Thank you in advance.roc...

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    I would not use drol to drop weight, your better off with clen IMO.

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    No no no, im trying to get STRONG, not lean out to look good. The drol is for jacking up my strength for the meet, but I have to work around the issue of the water gain

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    I have a meet in Feb. I have not competed since the early 90's, but I can tell you that your method of making your weight class will drain your strength, even with 24 hours between weigh-in and meet. Why not just compete in the weight class you wold naturally fall into?
    And water weight is dependent upon water consumed along with sodium, potassium etc. (what you eat).
    It's just not a good idea in my opinion to do that to your body, the restriction, and still expect to be 100% as far as strength goes.
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