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Thread: In dire need of help (Semi-long read)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannothemanno View Post
    Hows your BP? EQ elevates it in a big way and the thing with EQ is that it takes a LONG time to clear the system. I'm thinking you have issues with blocked or semi blocked sweat glands, plus methinks your liver is pretty stressed. Have you had a liver test lately? What about BP and Cholesterol levels?
    Thats an interesting idea..

    My blood pressure was 140/90 2 days ago. Its been worse before without EQ. I will get my liver values tested After this cycle in 2 weeks.

    Would you recommened trying to sit and sweat? Ive tried an epsom salt bath recently to help recovery from training and that also made me itchy and I had to stop. I was miserable

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    After further researching, Im wondering if this is what it wrong with me and not the Equipoise

    Cholinergic urticaria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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