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Thread: James 1st cycle thread!!

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    Default Week 14

    Week 14, no pinning this week, i know ive been vague on these boards last few weeks but work has been manic, and time ive got home from gym and cooked its been time for bed, so not had time to get this upto date properly.

    Im in the last week now, just waiting for the 10days after last pin to start PCT.... So far ive gained 22lbs, my question is when should i start cutting the calories back to a sensible amount?? Before PCT? I have a friend going to ******** this week aswell so im going to get him to bring some gear back, so i can stock up whilst its cheap lol!!

    Today was Chest:

    BenchPress: 60kgs - 12 (WarmUp), 80kgs - 10, 100kgs - 6 115kgs - 2.

    DeclineBP: 70kgs - 8,8 80kgs - 6 ... These were done with Dumbbells

    CloseGrip Incline BP - 60kgs - 8, 80kgs - 7,8

    Dumbbell Flyes: 15kgs - 10, 22.5kgs - 8,8

    After these sets my training Partner needed to go, so we decided to call it a night!

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    Hey guys!! im a little Confused, im trying to workout my calorie intake for when im on PCT etc, so whats the best way to go about Maintainig what ive got?? still around 2g Protein per LB bw? or drop it abit?? same with carbs and fats etc, as the info i put in the harris benedict formula doesnt match up to what the numbers do from the Pro/carbs/fats...

    Im currently 230/232 and would like to drop no more than 5-7lb and feel i could sit at 225lbs quite comfortably

    My workings out!!

    BMR = 6ft 2 - 24 - 225lbs = 2240 cals

    2240x1.725 = 3864 calories a day, this is from the Harris Benedict formula,


    Protein = 2g per lb = 450 = 1800 Cals
    Carbs = 1.5g per lb = 337 = 1350 cals
    Fats = .65 per lb 146 = + 1316 cals
    4466 Cals

    So which do i follow? im assuming its the cals from the foods rather than the formula? If any insight could be shed on this then that would be great!

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