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Thread: Help a fat guy in the UK with Clen, T3 and Anavar Advice

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    Default Help a fat guy in the UK with Clen, T3 and Anavar Advice

    So here it is, my life story ! Don't click off ! If you read it, it may make you feel better about yourself !!!!
    So once apon a time, there was a young soldier. He had a great body, great strength, and looked good. His fitness levels were through the roof, and could eat whatever he liked.

    That young soldier finally left the forces for his love (who was actually a real *****) and found himself on civvie street. Not having much in the way of qualifications, working as a doorman seemed a great way to earn money, meet girls and generally have lots of fun. So this I did for years, but recreational drugs took over my life, mainly white powder, and before I knew it, I was working to feed a habit. I met a girl ! A hot girl ! We fell in love ! I stopped taking drugs !!! Hooray !!! I did however, move onto alcohol. I found a great job, working as a sales rep, with good money and great prospects. I liked a drink after work to wind down, but before long, I was having to drink more and more, just to get that relaxed feeling !!! Still with my now wife, and with a 4 year old son. I decided it was time to kick all the bad habits out of the window and get down to some serious training. I used to weight train a fair bit before, taking deca, sustanol, win etc.#

    So here I am, a 36 year old 5ft 11inch 159kg man.................................Yes I really did say 159 kg.

    I have been back in training for 6 weeks now, gradually building up to 6 days training. 3 days weights, 3 days CV. I am following my own variation of the "Body For Life" plan, eating a high protein/controlled carb diet using the fist/flat hand for working out my quantities. So for I have lost just over a stone, but I really do want to give myself a little helping hand using some supps. I am taking regular protien with water, and glucosamine+MSM to help my poor joints. I have the following:

    Cytomel T3 25mcg
    Clen 40mcg
    Anavar 10mg

    I have search the internet for the best way to cycle these. I know Anavar has a slight cutting effect, but I really got it to stop the T3 eating my muscle. The clen I know you can stack that with the T3, but I wasn't sure if it were better to alternate the T3 and Clen week on week as I worry about my thyroid function when I finally stop taking it, as there are some really nasty horror stories out there on the net, some I am sure are urban myths, others no doubt are true. So far this I am taking 1 x T3 and 1 x Anavar twice daily. However I am sure I sould be loading this to a higher dosage. But I don't want to go OTT. I just want to be able to see really great results over the next 4-6 months. If I can lose a big chunk quick ! I can spend more time getting down to my ideal weight. To be honest. My wife is 11 years younger than me, and a size 6-8. We get some really odd looks when we are out and about, and holding this much weight, mainly on my gut, makes the bedroom not such a great place to spend time if you get my meaning. I also suffer with back pain as my posture is all shot, as well as other weight related issues.

    If someone can help pointing me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. I would prefer to ask the question and get the right answer, as opposed to trying to piece together what I can find out on the web.

    Maybe should have posted this in weight loss section, but reference to supps made me think here would be better. Apologies to admin if I am wrong.

    The Walrus

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    You are 159kg. You don't need any supplemental help whatsoever brother. Your bf% is so high that you can make a huge difference with nothing more than a nice clean diet and a good workout routine. Start measuring actual calories and macros rather than estimating.
    I have been at 120kg 30+%bf and I can tell you that only hard work and determination will get you to what you are looking for.
    Stop the Clen, the T3, and ESPECIALLY the Var. None of these will do any good to you at the moment. Get your bf% into the teens and then start thinking about getting some help from supplements or hormones.
    It can be done, i have been through this myself as have other on this forums. Post your diet so we can help you with it.

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    Elochai is right, you dont need any chemical help right now. If you go too fast your going to end up with hanging folds of skin and that sucks even more than being fat!

    Your aim should be about 1-2 pounds a week loss OR 1 ish kilo a week.
    at 5 foot 11 and 159 kg or 350 pounds (estimated body weight should be 150 pounds) your 200 pounds over weight. thats 90 kilos.
    SO in reality you need 90 weeks to loose said weight.... While I know its almost 2 years its going to be an up and down battle.

    It took a while to get into the state your in, and will take a while to get out.
    You need to stay away from chemicles I think though. For at least a year, drugs, alch, and any steroids, even other stimulants too if you can.
    While they (clen and T3) would help you drop weight you need the education more than the help at this point.

    Elochai is right, you need to get used to measuring portions, knowing what a real portion is like. Alchahol has huge calories in it, the more you drink the worse you will get.
    My suspission is the bulk of your weight came from the excess of liquid calories. I am not saying that a beer or two is bad, but 6+ is.
    That means a few ounces of say vodka a week tops.

    Var will shut down your natural test production, and at this point that is the LAST thing you need, as well as this...

    Your liver has been hit real hard in the last while, its going to need some time to recover.
    Fat cells carry a huge ammount toxins, your body is going to have to process them as you loose weight, liver, kidneys will be working overtime as you burn fat, you need to keep your drinking to a minimum.
    If you post your diet we can take a look.

    First thing is to figure out what your basic metabolic rate is. (google it and see what you can find)

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    Well done on kicking all bad habits, hope everything works out fr you..
    I'd rather be riding my motorbike thinking about god than sitting in church thinking of my motorbike. Amen to that!

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    good luck bro, i cant give an advice but you done great, i had the same thng but i came so thin i was 70 kgs now im 90 kgs and pretty happy with my body, i wouold sugest lean first, cardio, get music in mp3 and run like you never did before you burn all, then when satisfied start bulkid muscle you do it,good luck

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    You didnt mention a thing about diet. Thats pretty much the foundation of everything. Do you have a plan in place?

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    Thanks for all the advice so far.

    Just to clarify, I am not looking to use supplements insread of good old fashioned exercise and hard work. Only to help me acheive better results in a short time. I have not touch alcohol or anything else for some months now, so hopefully my liver will be much happier.

    As for diet, here is an example of my days intake of food.

    Breakfast: Egg White Omelette (1 Yoke) with 2 slices of dry brown toast, or Oat flakes with Skimmed Milk.

    Mid Morning: Protein Shake or Bar.

    Lunch: Jacket Potato with Tuna/Chicken, no butter etc.

    Afternoon: Riveta or similar, with Fat Free Cottage Cheese.

    Dinner: Chicken Breast, Few new potatoes/Brown Rice/Brown Pasta with Steamed Veg.

    Supper: Fat free Natural Yoghurt sometimes with a scoop of protein powder !

    Drinks: Tons of Water (p*ssing like a racehorse lol) Maybe 2 x cups of coffee, 1 x glass fresh orange.


    Monday: CV - Normally Cross Trainer (0 Impact for my knees)
    Tuesday: Upper Body Weights
    Wednesday CV - Spin Class
    Thursday: Lower Body Weights
    Friday: CV - Usually Zumba (yes I know !!! But tons of fit girls there to keep me from realising how much it hurts lol)
    Sat: Upper Body Weights (Big Session !!!!)

    I alternate the weeks so I do 2 x Upper Body Sets one week, and 2 x Lower Body the following week.

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    If you are following the Body for Life guidelines I think that is great. I did it 12 years ago and it worked fantastic. I still pull principles from there to this day.That being said we all know you have to switch things up a bit to continue gains and when you decide to do a cycle the Body for Life program is not going to be intense enough. Books that are marketed for mass media are ok but if you read reference books and material on the basics of nutrition and weight lifing/bodybuilding you get a better understanding of the foundations and how things really work. That will allow you to weed out jargon, myths, and nonsense and you can start to build your own routines and good habits that work for you and your body. Best of luck to you buddy.

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