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Thread: More Cardio??

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    Yeah it's kind of rough. I set the timer for 40 mins, the first min I walk at 4mph, then for 45 seconds I crank it to 11 or so. Then walk a min at 4. No incline. By the end of the 40 mins I'm literally dripping sweat, the machine is soaked, and anyone within 10ft of me has to wipe themselves off! It'd probably be better if I spilt it Monday/Wednesday/Friday but I do it Tues/Thurs/Fri. Today's was rough. And this is following about 30 mins of lifting, high rep, lower weight. I drink somewhere in the neighborhood of a gallon and a half of water a day. As far as mood swings go, I generally feel awesome. Now if I bust my ass like this, and gain a fuckin pound, that will be a whole different story! I must say though, I am looking forward to being done with this fat loss, and step into some bulking. I'll find that much more enjoyable.I currently get headrushes pretty bad, just getting off the couch or if I stand up from bending over makes me almost pass out. Gotta do something about that.

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    I'm not the best to talk to about fat loss routines so make sure to get someone else opinion. Just stand up slowly is all I can think of for that and make sure you have something to lean on if it gets too bad haha

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    I'm beat today. Half way through todays workout I puked. Still got through it though. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's day off, and a carb refeed

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