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Thread: First Cycle questions and critique please! :)

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    Default First Cycle questions and critique please! :)

    Hi all,

    I'm finally almost ready to do my "first" cycle (I tried a cycle before but it was fake or ineffective gear).

    My stats/history:
    165 lb, roughly 12% bf
    3.5 years lifting, never athletic before
    Lift 4x or 5x/wk with body part split
    Overall Goal: need to get both bigger and leaner
    Current Goal: cutting bf in anticipation of cycle
    Current supps: Multi, Fish Oil, BCAA, Whey Protein
    Lifts: 185x5 bench, 295x5 squat

    Dbol 40mg ED for first 25 days
    Test Cyp 500mg/wk for 10 weeks, 2 pins/wk



    Aside from the regular critique of what I posted above, my biggest question is in regard to diet.

    I have been disciplined with my diet in the past (and currently, have lost 15 lbs on the last two months). However, I have had trouble finding a guide as to how much someone of my size should eat while on cycle. I know it can't possibly be 5000+ caps like all the 6'0" guys I see posting cycles. I'm eating at a deficit now to lose bf before my cycle, but I can definitely eat a ton, and I know to keep it to lean proteins and good carbs while on cycle. Just need to know how much to strive for.

    Another question: I am pretty short and, while I want to grow, I don't want to look grotesque. I'm aiming for a fitness model type of body, although I'm neither big or lean enough yet. However, I do want to have a general lean mass goal so I don't go overboard. Any suggestions?

    Finally, if anyone would be willing to do a critique of my build so I know what parts to focus on while cycling to get them caught up, I'd really appreciate that too! Body pic attached. My legs are huge and always have been, so I'm not worried about them, just want an upper body critique.

    Thanks for any and all feedback, guys!

    update 8.26.11 109.jpg
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    You didn't actually attach the pic, post that and wait for advice.

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    Steroids will make you bigger, you can expect to gain about 20 pounds.

    Can you post up your diet and we can tweek it.

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    Sorry about the pic, apparently it won't attach off my phone.

    As to diet, I haven't crafted a plan since I'm not sure how many calories to aim for. Be assured it will largely compose of chicken breast, salmon, brown rice, veggies, oatmeal, eggs, and whole wheat pasta along with protein shakes.

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    You can always seek out a bodybuilding nutritionist in your area. or Coach of some type. Mine is like gold....

    Google basic metabolic rate and go from there.

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    Quick little something I found that can maybe get you started in the right direction.

    We first need to find out how many calories per day it takes for you to just maintain your current weight. Let’s refer to this as your Daily Calorie Expenditure.

    There are 3 factors that come into play when calculating your Daily Calorie Expenditure
    1.Resting Metabolic Rate – The amount of calories your body would burn if you just lay still all day.
    2.Occupation – The amount of calories your job or daily life would burn
    3.Exercise – The amount of calories your daily exercise burns

    Calculating Resting Metabolic Rate

    The best way of calculating your Resting Metabolic Rate is with something called the Katch-McArdle formula.

    RMR = 370 + (21.6 x lean weight in kg)

    To get from pounds to kg simply divide pounds by 2.2.
    You’ll also need know your body fat percentage. This is where a cheap pair of body fat calipers comes in very handy. If you have 15% body fat at 160 lbs that means you carry 24 pounds of fat and your lean weight is 136 lbs.

    Calculating Calories Burned From Occupation

    Different daily activities obviously have different energy requirements. That’s why it’s important to factor in your occupational calorie burn.

    Light work – multiply your RMR by 1.5

    Moderate work – multiply your RMR by 1.7

    Heavy work – multiply your RMR by 1.9

    Calculating Calories Burned From Exercise

    Here are a sample list of exercise activities and their calorie burn for 1 hour:

    520 – Aerobics (high intensity)
    400 – Aerobics (low intensity)
    370 – Badminton
    865 – Boxing (sparring)
    385 – Cycling (10 mph)
    250 – Cycling (5.5 mph)
    760 – Judo
    445 – Rowing machine
    1000 – Running (6 mins/mile)
    750 – Running (9 min/mile)
    615 – Squash
    630 – Swimming (fast)
    415 – Tennis
    270-450 – Weight training

    Adding It All Up

    A person weighs 160 lbs with 15% body fat.

    This means they carry 24 lbs of fat.

    160 – 24 = 136 lbs lean weight

    136 / 2.2 = 61.8 Kg

    His resting metabolic rate = 370 + (21.6 x 61.8) = 1704.88

    He works an office job…..

    1704.88 x 1.5 = 2557.32

    He also does weight training 5 days a week for 40 minutes at a time which burns 170 calories. His Daily Calorie Expenditure on training days is therefore:

    2557.32 + 170 = 2727.32 calories

    Putting it all together, this guy burns 2727.32 per day on weekdays.

    Assuming he moves around as much at the weekends as he does during his working week, we simply add 2 days minus the weight-training sessions to give a weekly total of 18751.24 calories (5 x 2727.32 add 2 x 2557.32).

    Then we divide this figure by 7 to give us an Average Daily Calorie Expenditure of 2678.75 calories

    So How Many Calories Per Day Do You Need To Bulk-Up?

    Bear in mind that 2678 calories is his maintenance level calorie requirement. For bulking with the Glycemic Load Anabolic Diet you should consume 200-300 extra calories per day. For this example, this guy would be shooting for 2878 – 2978 calories per day to pack on the muscle.

    This will greatly help you in your quest to build muscle and keep fat gains at bay. Go here to read up on the higher-carb bodybuilding diet that stills minimizes fat gains while allowing you to pack on new slabs of muscle.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________
    Hope that helps a bit.

    I use to count calories but its really a chore. After counting for awhile and getting a feel for the way your body reacts and feels at various levels you can gauge calorie by sight and the way your body looks assuming you eat similar food choices from day to day. Also adding the 200-300 calories on top of daily expenditure is a starting point. Youll have to adjust by adding more or minusing some depending on the results after a week or so. Good luck bud. Mattattack.
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    I do have an understanding of BMR. I'm just not sure how to "modify" the formula for being on cycle. Do I add 500 to my maintenance level? 1000? do my macros change?

    Thanks for all the help!

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    Add 500 cals to your maitenance level. As far as diet goes I would suggest 6-7 meals per day, all unprocessed foods. Go for Oats, brown rice, potato, sweet potato, pasta (wholmeal), chicken, fish, lean red meat, eggs. Eat bucketloads of fresh veg every day. Try not to eat carbs in the evening, replace them with fibrous veg. Before bed, I like to eat a steamed chicken breast (I always have a plate of them in the frindge ready to eat) or some lean red meat (kangaroo) with a bunch of spinach or tomato or lettuce.
    The only time I ever recommend a protein shake, is immediately post workout. It should have plenty of protein and plenty of carbs and thats just to keep you going till you can get home and eat real food. You will not find any damn protein powder in my house, its all one big waste of time money and stomach space IMO. Same with the majority of "supplements". If your diet is correct and dialled in, as it should be, then any additional supplements just end up going down the toilet. I'd rather spend my cash on real food that I know for a fact will be building real muscle.
    One of the keys to dietry sucess is to make sure your body is in a perpetual state of positive nitrogen balance, ie your body always has good proteins (and carbs, fats etc) available. This is why we eat small meals often, so there is a continuous supply. If we do this correctly, with real foods that take time to break down, time to release and be absorbed, then we can maintain that positive balance. Anything above and beyond that, ie protein shakes and supp's just goes down the toilet. I laugh when peeps say to have a caesein shake before bed because it takes longer to absorb than WPI. I mean WTF???? If you want a good complete protein source before bed, one that takes time to break down and be absorbed, eat a ckicken breast or two, or a fillet of fish or a steak. WTF would you bother with processed milk derivatives? Also, have a bunch of green leafy veg before bed. This will not only give your bod a healthy vitamin shot, but also help to keep the intestines clean.
    Sample diet would be as follows.
    Oats, 6-10 egg whites, green apple. (personally I have a bowl of brown rice with fish, chicken egg white and a cup of ****ped veg and a coffee)
    meal 2
    Brown rice with chicken mixed veg
    meal 3 Same but instead of chicken have fish
    meal 4 same but red meat
    meal 5 Half a ton of fibrous Veg with fish or lean red meat, NO Carbs.
    meal 6 Same as meal 5

    before bed, chicken breast (or steak/fish) with spinach salad.
    Thrusout the day if your hungry, snack on almonds. Drink 1 gallon of water per day.
    You will have to work out the quantities of food to suit your protein/cal requirements. Eat every two hours, small meals often. Weigh your food so you know EXACTLY how many cals your eating. If your putting on fat, reduce the cals by 500. If your too lean, increase by 500. When you cook your food, try to steam/broil/bake/bbq, rather than fry. If you fry use a LITTLE oil. Precook your meals the night before, package them up into individual tupperware and take with you. Your life on cycle is fucking tedious, its eat, train, cook, sleep, for the duration of your cycle and pct. Thats how you get the most out of your cycle
    Good luck bro.
    I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy

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    Personally when I cycle, I eat the same foods and the same macro ratios I eat when Im natural. I just eat MORE OF IT. I tend to eat pretty clean year round. Assuming your diet is clean and sound why complicate things.Keep it simple. Its as much about 'calories in, calories out' as it is about the amount of macros you take in. We will all throw different advice at you and most of it may work (there is never just one solution) but you know your body best. Sounds like you have some sound nutritional knowledge but its up to you to listen to your body and make changes as needed based on what you know and how you look in the mirror.

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    danno you dont eat inbetween meals? like amino acids or about some people work got job and unable to eat more than 3 real meals,so they mix oats and whey protein together with almonds and etc.thats what i do i have 3 real meals till 2pm after 4 and 6pm i have to drink oats mixed with not alowed to eat after 2pm:/

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