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Thread: Test prop/Tren a/EQ cycle

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    Default Test prop/Tren a/EQ cycle

    Hey guys,

    Bout to start a lean mass cycle for the spring, leading up and into the summer. Here's what I'm thinking:

    Wk 1-16 EQ 600mg/wk
    Wk 1-10 test prop 50/75mg ed
    Wk 1-10 tren a 50mg ed
    Wk 11-18 test cyp 600mg/wk

    Will be taking hcg, arimidex and dostinex throughout, and my pct consists of 4 weeks nolvadex, 5 weeks clomid, 6 weeks aromasin (I use this pct when dealing with tren or deca, always has worked wonders)
    Wk 1-4 nolvadex 40/20/20/20
    Wk 1-5 clomid 200/100/100/100/100
    Wk 1-6 aromasin 25/12/12/12/12/12

    28 y.o.
    11% bf (will drop to 8 by the start)
    13th year training
    10th cycle
    Diet will be eating every 2 hours, 3 large meals and 3 small, lots of lean meat, rice, veggies and shakes.
    Compounds used:
    Test e/c/p, sustanon, tren a, tren e, eq, deca, anadrol, dbols, anavar, winstrol, m1t.

    So what do you guys think? Also, would adding anavar at 50-80mg ed after discontinuing the tren be any good? I mean I love anavar, just don't want to waste the stuff.

    Thanks again guys!

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    I'd suggest doing the tren and test prop EOD and just double the ED dose. There really is little to no benefit to doing ED shots. I would also end the cycle on the test prop (short ester = quicker start for pct). The var on the back end would be fine and you could run it out to the end with test prop.
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    Looks pretty solid, but didn't know why you would run the long ester at the end like that.

    PS- how'd you like the M1t? Ill never touch that shit again, but damn is it ever potent.

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    i dont see why running the long ester at the end.. but if you did youd want to start it at week 6 so it is stable in your blood when the prop comes off.
    im with florida run the short esters the whole way..
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    Ok thanks for the info guys, I was thinking of doing sustanon the entire time but wanted to keep water off, and I was just thinking the whole "end your test 2 weeks after a long ester like decanoate or undecylenate", I might just run the prop the whole way through and run the anavar as well.

    And willsouth, I loved the m1t the first 2-2.5 weeks of the 4 week kickstart I used it in, but when you can physically feel your liver throbbing (I thought I could hear it screaming on some days) its time to reduce and discontinue. But WOW that stuff changes you, big and defined in 2 weeks and a short temper too, doubt I would ever do it again.

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    If it were me personally, id run

    Test cyp week 1-12
    eq week 1-12
    prop 1-4 and 12-16
    Tren week 1-7

    But thats just how i'd do it myself with that stack.
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