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Thread: Trying to help a friend

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    Default Trying to help a friend

    Hey guys, a guy that trains with me has been using steroids for years. I don't know how educated he is about the subject but I would like to know what you guys think about his current cycle so i can try to help him out as much as i can.
    His stats are,

    35 years old
    5ft 7in tall
    210 lbs

    Currently he is cutting down for summer, he doesn't compete although he should but he is in competition form throughout most of the summer. He is now using,

    Test Cyp
    Tren A

    I am not sure on the quantities but i am pretty sure that his test must be over 1 gram per week.
    The reason i am posting here is because from what i have seen almost all of you suggest separate injections for water based gear and oil based gear. He is mixing everything in the same syringe on days that he has to take everything and i was wondering what the problem is with that. Also i think he is not using his IGF everyday he just injects at random times... I would like to help him out as much as i can, although i am skeptical about mentioning anything since he will just say that he has been in this 'game' much longer than me.
    Also, i am pretty sure he is not using any kind of AI and never has, but he has not run into any visible problems so far. At least his PCT is solid.
    Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
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    where is water based gear in his cycle elochai?

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    Holy shit i forgot the Win thanks for pointing it out zi1.

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    Without quantities its hard to say.

    Nothing wrong with a gram a week, I am now up that high on my base alone. 59 weeks and going strong.
    A gram a week is a waste unless you have the time to do it right, diet and rest included. Diet being the biggest part.

    at 210 @ 7ish % its about right.

    If you can get the quantities from him we can make a better assessment.
    I would be intersted to know how long he has been running the tren a and at what dose. We have had several discussions on how long to run this compound. I like 8-10 weeks max at 100mg eod. Personal pref though.
    Cyp can be run at whatever for years on end.

    Masteron is his way of controlling Estrogen while on cycle. Ask him
    Primo Unsure on

    IGF-1 is a waste IMO, but hes using it for a piticular reason im sure.

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