So I've been looking on the internet for anything that can point me in the right direction(especially something with actual references, hell even just some user experiences) to no avail...

I'm just wondering, other than faster accumulation and a thicker scar tissue, what are other "problems" that could occur with injection, say E3, E4D in the same muscle?

Also thinking, the available area on the quad is quite large for me, using the "handlength" above the knee, and below the hip as well... (I have recently done this, no problems as of yet, using a 27g, 1.5")

Anywho... Using the deltoids and quads only(physically limited to these injection sites at the moment), and having to pin @ least 1ml ED, and 3ml EOD I just kinda wanted to check what other people's experience has been. Since my cycle will include more pins towards the end, I'd like to have a feasible game plan.

Thanks in advance!