Hey guys,

To save your time, I basically am having the exact same problem as this guy:

Serious testosterone problems! (Itching/over heating)

Right now I am only running 300mg of test enenthate a week, and the itching is starting to become bothersome again. The itching was much much worse last month when I was on some heavy doses leading up to a competition.

Right after the meet last month I got blood work done, Liver and throid were both a little off. I stopped taking test for 2 weeks, and the itching completelty went away. I got a newer and better brand of test and now the problem is slowly coming back.

I got blood work done yesterday and the results came back today and everything was perfectly normal. Blood pressure was 100/70.

Ive tried anti-histamines, been prescribed anti-anxiety medicine, and even seizure medicine, and had no luck from any of them.

Im now starting to wonder if this is an estrogen related issue, since they never ordered a blood test for that, just my test levels. I remember a week or so ago, I took 1mg of adex and was EXTREMELY itchy the rest of that night, worse than normal.

So basically now I am clueless. Thanks guys