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Thread: first cycle gain hard 8 lbs 2nd cycle...

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    "do it right or don't do it at all".

    Here is what most of the advanced members of this board suggest for a newbie cycle. I've seen it posted a million times on this board so trust me this is what you should be doing if you decide to start using steroids.

    Before you do ANYTHING, you should get your blood tests done to check your testosterone levels, your liver values, and everything else done in a "CBC" - complete blood count which are standard tests used by most doctors. While you are at at check your DHT levels (dihytesosterone). When you take large amounts of testosterone, your DHT levels will rise, which means you may lose some of your hair while on cycle. Most may grow back when you are done and months later, but this is something you should know in advance. You will be referring to the first blood test to measure your starting point, to see what everything was like BEFORE you started your cycle. I referred to my original test many times during and after the cycles comparing the results and adjusting my dosages accordingly.

    Yourfirst basic cycle should be to inject 500-600 mgs of Testosterone (either ethanate or cypionate) every week for a usual 12 week cycle, preferrably two shots of 250-300 mgs every 3-4 days. This means you need to find a supplier who will sell you the injectable form, needles (both for withdrawing the liquid and for injecting it), alcohol swabs, and study how and where to inject. Trust me you will get over your fear of needles fast.

    You can stack this with an oral steroid such as your Anavar (80-100 mgs). You need to run it for around 5-6 weeks at the end of your 12 week cycle.

    While you are doing all of this, you need to take an oral drug called Arimidex at .25 mgs every other day to control the testosterone from converting into estrogen, which if not controlled you will grow man boobs. This will happen if you don't control your testosterone converting into estrogen, which your body naturally does when taking large doses of testosterone. Arimidex controls the estrogen levels from getting out of control so you won't grow boobs. Just imagine yourself with 34dd's... You can find this drug from online suppliers.

    As far as diet, I would recommend eating 5-6 times per day of clean protein (chicken, fish, steak, etc). You really need to eat a lot while you are on cycle so you can feed your muscles the nutrients to grow. This was the hardest part for me to do believe it or not. I just couldn't muster up enough to eat the quantity required to grow on some days. So you will need to plan out a budget for food as well to compensate for this.

    Then there is "Post cycle therapy" which is extremely important. If you don't follow this advice your body will never bounce back and you'll be on testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of your life. These drugs help your body bounce back after taking steroids so they will hopefully produce testosterone to its original levels. However, there are times when you may need to stay on PCT longer if it doesn't bounce back.

    You need to buy the following items first before you cycle:

    HCG - injectable liquid which comes in a powder form from most suppliers. You need to buy bacteriostatic water and insulin needles with this.

    Clomid - an oral drug used to help your body boost natural production of testosterone.
    Nolvadex - also an oral drug used to help your body boost natural test.

    The recommended time frame for this is:

    weeks 1-12 500 mgs of Test E or Cyp
    weeks 3-12 arimidex .25 mgs EOD
    weeks 6-12 80-100 mgs of anavar


    weeks 8-16 - HCG - inject twice per week (measurement will depend on the dose you buy)
    weeks 12-16 Nolvadex 20/20/10/10 (mgs per day per week)
    weeks 12-16 Clomid - 50/50/25/25

    While you are on cycle you should also get your blood tests done as well as have them done once you are finished with it. That way you can monitor if anything is out of whack and make the necessary adjustments to your cycle.

    So there is a basic plan laid out for you in detail.

    If you really want to nail this down to exact numbers, just search on this board for "Basic first cycle" or look at the stickies. They are there for a reason.

    I highly recommend you find an experienced board member who can email you outside of this forum to get all the information needed to help you succeed.

    I know this sounds like a lot (and it is) and can be expensive, so you need to ask yourself if it will be worth it. The pro's here tell most people that they shouldn't start any roids until they are at least out of their 20's since their body already naturally produces enough testosterone to make decent gains.

    I personally have done two cycles with test cypionate and winstrol only and have really improved my physique and overall health, so I'm very happy I went through all of this. I never would have made the muscle gains and size and strength gains without doing what I am recommending to you. However, before I started I went through literally THOUSANDS of posts on this board, found another experienced member who help guide me and let me know where to get my gear from, and WAITED 6 months before I felt comfortable with my decision. I also asked a lot of questions here and luckily the experienced people on this board are VERY Helpful and nice and all of my questions were answered quickly. They want you to steer you in the right direction so please listen to them. I suggest you do the same. It will be worth it in the long run.

    What it really comes down to is faster recovery and the ability to lift heavier weights in a shorter amount of time, which basically means, roids will help you build muscle faster and recover faster. The difference between testosterone ethanate and cypionate is the time that it starts to take effect in your body. Test "e" works a little bit faster than test c. But they basically do the same thing.

    One more thing is, if you are going to go through all of this, I suggest you have 12 weeks of free time (no travelling or work projects which will take you out of your cycle and training. Many members on this board have had to stop mid cycle due to work obligations or some other unforseen circumstance, so you need to keep that in mind. And if you are going to do this, you should be training at least 3-4 times a week with a good training program going up in weight whenever you can without injuring yourself, cause if you injure yourself it it may end your cycle immediately. Listen to your body and don't over train it. Get lots of rest and sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Man View Post
    my suggestion in the meantime is get some blood work done. very important before u consider starting back up is to see what your body is doing on the inside. your testosterone will be high (that's a given.) but focus on cholesterol HDL + LDL Red blood count (HCT.).. ECT..If your Red Blood count comes back high, think about given blood to clean your system out.. if your cholesterol levels r high +210 allow yourself time to level out (under 200..HDL+ LDL total.)

    make sure to ask for test + estrogen levels to b included
    Wait until around 6 to 8 weeks after you last injection to get your blood work. You want to give your body time to recover. If you do it too soon your testosterone/estrogen/liver values/and lipids will be out of whack . .. . that's a given and you don't need blood work to tell you that much. What you want to know is how you recover a few after pct.

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    Thanks for the info...especially about what to have the doc check up when i go in. On a test e only cycle is hcg necessary? and its taken like insulin? not a im shot right? and just for a test e 500ew cycle is nolva and clomid needed?

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    Hazcat Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by solidrock View Post
    Thanks for the info...especially about what to have the doc check up when i go in. On a test e only cycle is hcg necessary? and its taken like insulin? not a im shot right? and just for a test e 500ew cycle is nolva and clomid needed?
    HCG can be taken subcutaneously like insulin or IM. For test E you can use either nolva or clomid or both.

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    Def wait and do it the right way.. just remember to train like a freak and eat like a animal

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    wait till i get hcg? or what till when.....ive been training for 2 years hard and DAMN am i sick of dishes and jk but yea its 4 big meals aday 1000 cals each and always bf is super low around 5% and i love my protien atleaset 200gs a day

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    Does that add up? 4k cals/day with 5%bf, 4k cals that work out to 200g protein/day.

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    not quite sure because ive only tryed to check it at the gym with this black handheld machine. never registers for me.......i work construction so i get alot of cardio

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