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Thread: hungry as heck at night!! help

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    Default hungry as heck at night!! help

    Hey everyone. I'm a real clean eater but the last 6 weeks I've been starving at night and I just keep eating till I'm full. I follow a gluten free diet so its all clean food but sometime there is probably over 100g of carbs before bed!! And I know that's no good before sleep. What can I do to curb this hunger. Thanks

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    i would cut the evening carbs and add some more protein. even though i am a firm believer in eating your foods, you could make a protein drink before bed.

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    Yeah I'm with SIL on this one. Try eating a big piece of meat before bed. That should sit in your stomach for a good time and make you feel full before bed.

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    Foods high in fibre usually do the trick for supressing hunger but saying that alot of those fibress foods are high in carbs.try to keep it low carb or atleast low GI and something thats small in calories. peanut butter or almonds seem to work for me.

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    Casein protein shake before bed usually does the trick for me

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    Late night snacking is really a bad habit to follow. You really need to get rid of it ASAP. Just try to adjust your meal along with your diet.cary boot camps
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    drink 1l of vodka this way you wont fell any hunger...if you hungry at night that means you dont eat enaugh daytime

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    Simple carbs put you on an blood sugar roller coaster causing extreme hunger. Cutting carbs and replacine them with protein will curb the hunger problem. You'll also have to break your night time eating habit which is easy once you cut out the carbs.

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