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Thread: Sweet potato????

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    Default Sweet potato????

    HI guys,

    I am on the 7th week of my 8 week cycle, so far things have been great loving the results and how lean i am getting however quick question. My trainer, which doesnt know i am on gear says i need to eat sweet potato with EVERY SINGLE MEAL other than breakfast. I eat about 5-6 times a day so take out the Protein shake and breakfast and that leaves me at 3-4 meals a day where i am eating sweet potato. what do you guys think? i am currently eating sweet potato 3 times per day. As i said above i am loving the gains and how lean i am getting i am just worried so much sweet potato throughout the day my be too much

    my cycle is

    Week 1-8 Test Prop 125 mg eod
    Week 3-6 Winstrol at 50mgs per day
    Week 7-8 Winstrol at 80 Mgs per day

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    Sweet potato is a good low gi carb. I would only be eating it in every meal if i wasnt eating any other forms of good carbs.

    Some other clean carb sources are lentils, beans, brown rice and whole meal foods.
    How much carbs are you eating daily excluding the sweet potato?

    Remember, if you eat too much protein and not enough carbs the body will convert protein into carbs which is a process you want to avoid

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    yes the sweet potato is my main source of Carbs the only other time i eat carbs is my pre workout sandwhich, other than that nothing else, my meals Mainly consist of any source of protein whether its chicken, meat or fish with some veggies and sweet potato, sometimes i put a little of alfredo sauce just so its not too dry but just a bit

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    I would definetly add some more clean carbs to your diet. it dosent have to be alot

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    thanks for all your advice dleato, what do you suggest i sure add bro?

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    Well im asumming your cutting due to diet and cycle.

    Sweet potato is good, i would definetly keep that in there. i would add in some oats in at breakfast.

    Green lentils are a great carb when cutting. the protein to carn ratio is almost exact. for every 50 grams theres about 12g of protein and around 14g of carbs, i usually eat around 100g mixed with 100g of tuna mixed in with sliced cucumber, viniger and lemon juice

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    Hazcat Guest


    Eat something green . . . steam some broccoli. Your body needs vitamins and minerals from food.

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