HI guys,

I am on the 7th week of my 8 week cycle, so far things have been great loving the results and how lean i am getting however quick question. My trainer, which doesnt know i am on gear says i need to eat sweet potato with EVERY SINGLE MEAL other than breakfast. I eat about 5-6 times a day so take out the Protein shake and breakfast and that leaves me at 3-4 meals a day where i am eating sweet potato. what do you guys think? i am currently eating sweet potato 3 times per day. As i said above i am loving the gains and how lean i am getting i am just worried so much sweet potato throughout the day my be too much

my cycle is

Week 1-8 Test Prop 125 mg eod
Week 3-6 Winstrol at 50mgs per day
Week 7-8 Winstrol at 80 Mgs per day