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Thread: 1st Cycle Comments

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    or a 5x5 Type Program:
    Workout A Workout B
    Bench Press
    Barbell Rows

    Workout B
    Overhead Press
    3 Workouts a week. Alternate between A and B.
    Squat warm up:
    2 x 5 20kgs’=> 2 sets of 5 reps of empty Bar
    3 x 1 - 60 Kgs
    5 x 5 – 100KG’s
    Add 5 kg’s per session

    1 x 5 60Kgs
    1 x 5 100KG’s
    5 x 5 120Kgs
    Add 10kg’s per session

    Take 5 mins rest between your sets to get your 5x5
    Make sure you're eating at least 3000 calories per day and sleeping 8h/night,
    Start also wearing a Powerlifting Belt and use chalk for Deadlifts. Both will boost your strength.

    DELOAD SQUATS if you cant hit 5x5

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    First off, welcome. You are in good hands with BP and Hazcat has laid out a very nice cycle plan for you - I would run that for sure.

    Total thread highjack,

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    Sorry dude. Good Luck with your cycle

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    Teht, thats what Ill do for sure. Nice to know there are people that will steer you in the right direction.

    I wasnt going to say anything about the HJack thread(being new to the forum and all that), but I was thinking it in my mind, like "wtf!?!?" No worries though man.

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