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Thread: On Cycle Muscle Cramps - Question

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    Default On Cycle Muscle Cramps - Question

    I'm currently 6 weeks into a cycle on Primo (4 weeks Test Susp + 2 weeks Test Prop).
    I've been experiencing some muscle cramping, but mainly lower back has been tight. I haven't been stretching enough (I know this) and could be tight hamstrings causing the back to cramp up.
    Question: Does gear cause muscle cramping if you're doing lots of running? What are possible solutions? More water? Supplements? I've also been sitting more than usual (travel/work). I plan to start yoga soon (hilarious to see a 250# sweaty animal in there with all the petite women).

    Appreciate others sharing their experience and solutions.

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    Hazcat Guest


    Taurine and a little bit of potassium. Additional water is always good too but mainly taurine.

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    Will red bull fit the bill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rugbydude View Post
    Will red bull fit the bill?
    IMO no.... You are better off running 500mg of taurine and a couple hundred mg of potassium on their own.
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    Put some salt on your food.
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