Hey ladies Im venturing into your neck of the forums to help and friend who has come to me for advice!

First off im 25 and just lost damn near 40lbs in the last 6 months after a break up and she is 22 and looking to do the same.

I came across this site and found the boss hog routine and a diet plan and stuck to that for 6 months. I look great i feel great and she wants me to help her do the same.

She has been doing hot yoga 3-5 times a week for about 4 months now and it has done a bit for her but i told her she needs to stop drinking (partying with her girls like 2-3 times a week) which she has actually stopped for two weeks now. Shes being coming on bike rides and walks with me seeing movies instead of barstar'ing it. Her diet was horrible just eating whatever when ever and mostly fast foods and starbucks drinks.

Ive got her on steamed brocclli, asparagus, green/red peppers mixed with spinach and a little bit of chicken, turkey or steak as this is what i eat every two hours, i have her doing it every three. said forget about breads or wraps unless it is early morning thru early afternoon.

anyways i know what worked for me so i just kind of changed it abit because she isnt doing juice.

I also got her to buy a gym membership but i honestly dont know what she should do for a weekly routine. As i just do pushups/situps every morning then BHog at the gym.

If any one could set me up to a eating and work out routine that would be awesome. She hates fish but other then that she said she was game for whatever.

Also she just wants her Sunday thru Monday routine to have hot yoga in it 2-3 times a week and she said she doesnt care how the routine for the gym goes. Im going to go with her to the gym the first bit to show her how to do whatever plan she has set up with until she is comfortable going solo.

Please and thank you ladies.

Also a shopping list of things to get her on from gnc would be nice as i just take jack3d for a pre, whey, creatine, and casein. Maybe some burner supplements like hydraxicut (she was asking about that from walmart)?