Hello guys! I would love some input and/or advice...

I have placed several orders from UncleZ and have used him solely for quite some time. And I will add NEVER a problem! My last order of $1000 was seized. I emailed Z copies of the documentation I received in the mail as directed by Z. Then have heard nothing back from him... Waited a month and began emailing, and cannot get a response. Now it has been two months. Like I said, I've never had a problem, and have used him for that reason... I am finding similar stories as mine in forums I use. Have any of you lost packages, and can you tell me if the guaranteed delivery was ever honored? Did he maintain communication?

On two forums I use moderators have deleted this post, stating "I was new, and what kind of sh*t was I pulling bashing a source". So I cannot get any information or advice... Plus I don't think that kind of censorship is right, regardless of whether the source is a sponsor or not!

AGAIN, I am not bashing Z, I REPEAT he has given me EXCELLENT product and EXCELLENT service. But I cannot get ANY communication about my order which was guaranteed and I am SH*TTTING bricks over losing a $1000! But I need to know, is there no communication due to the legality of seizure and soon my package is going to come... Or, is Z good for his orders but not the guarantee?

Plus, I would love to know if you feel these questions are disrespectful or bashing in ANY way? I mean, we are all here for information... Thus the term forum. The reason we are here is communication and information.

And if the case is that the guarantee is not honored, wouldn't you like to know it, so you can weigh that in your purchase?

Guys/Gals I'd love your experience, plus your opinions on the censorship.... Am I out of line asking these questions? It's $1000!

Thank You - Rod