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Thread: Newbie help please!!!

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    Default Newbie help please!!!

    Hey guys!

    So I use to play rugby and now I'm done and I dot get tested anymore in college and I have always wanted to be a bodybuilder
    so I want to start my path to being a bodybuilder this summer and using steroids the correct way. I know people will say you should stay natural because your 21 but honestly my recovery is down the drain, I havent made gains in forever and supplements are just ruining my liver and way to expensive. I had thought about this for the last 5 years and ie decided to do this for myself and stop procrastinating.
    Here are my stats:

    Weight: 250

    I want to drop fat like crazy but get at least 20 pounds of
    Muscle over this summer with a 10 week cycle. Any suggestions? I want to make this a cool
    Thread for everyone to check in on and view my process since
    I'll be posting everyday and uploading photos.

    Cheers mates!

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    Well like you have already pointed out you're very young... Your natty test levels are very high already. But at 250 you have obviously put in the work. BUT I'd recommend you drop that BF% a bit before you consider taking AAS. Start doing some cardio and get down to 10 or 12%.

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    If you want the fat gone, look at cycling winnie, clen and cytomel (but be careful with cytomel, it is thyroid hormone).

    Here's how I did it years ago:

    Winnie - 50mg a day for six weeks, then two weeks off, then six weeks again. If you can get real Var, 100 mg ED in the same way as the Winnie
    Cytomel - 100 pill bottle (one a day for five, two a day for five, three a day for five then plan the back side taper down of 3, 2, 1. In the middle do four a day) Use this as a bridge between two winnie/var parts.
    Clen - 100 mcg a day for two weeks on two weeks off for the duration of the cycle so your body does not build up a natural resistance to it.

    This should get your BF to the 10 - 12% and then we can start working on a possible bulk cycle advice.

    Good luck. I remember when I gave up rugby for gear. I stopped caring about hurting others and only taking care of myself. Lifting is an addiction. Enjoy it.

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    I would suggest you get your bf down to 10-12% natty before using gear. This will do a couple of things, one of the most important will be to teach you to manage and completely understand your diet and exactly what your bod best responds to. Being able to control our bodies thru diet is one of the main keys to any successful cycle, in fact it is probably the most important part to a good cycle. The other thing this will do is make your first cycle so much safer as a lower bf means less estro receptors ergo a lower possibility of sides. No one knows how they will react to their first cycle so it pays to do it as safely as possible. I am concerned that you would want to cycle at such a young age. Your natty test levels now will be sky high, so I dont think that low test is a reason your not making the gains you want atm, however it is your choice in the end.
    A first cycle should be one compound only and that is Testosterone at no more than 500mgs pw. I would run the cycle for 12-16 weeks maximum.
    Week 1-12 Test E or C @ 500mgs pw (could use Prop if you dont mind the EOD pins)
    Week 3-14 Arimidex @ .25mg EOD
    Week 14-19 Aromasin @ 12.5mgs EOD, reducing to E3D at week 16
    Week 15-19 Nolvadex @ 20/20/20/10/10 thats mg per day per week ie 20mgs per day for three weeks, then 10mgs per day for last two weeks.
    I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy

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    Hey Guys!!!!
    First of sorry for the late response, I have been doing a cardio fitness two week boot camp up in tahoe to get ny BF down. I appreciate all your guys feedback.

    Diet is not an issue for me, I don't mind eating simple foods for long periods of time and eating 6 small meals a day. Protein won't be an issue either. don't want to seem like I'm marketing, but i drink Isopure liquid whey which oinlky has 150 calories, no carbs and 40 grams of protein , it is awesome stuff and i drink two a day after workouts.

    I want to cycle winnie, clen and test e. Is that a possibility and can somebody recommend a cycling program for those and what pct would best suit that stack. Also, should i pill form or liquid for injectable? I don't mind needles so I am confused what the differences are between pill and injectable?

    THanks a lot guys. After this gets setup, i am going to setup a "workout diary reflection" thread and update it everyday so you guys can see how it goes!!

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    Clen and T3 are horrible for your situation and will cause more harm then good. T3 and Clen can cause brain damage and cardiac arrest. These 2 orals are meant for people who are prepping for an event, people use these 2 compounds to go from 7% BF to 6, or 6 to 5%.

    Both compounds will juts make you a mess, give you a ton of negative side effects and make you feel like total shit, you may lose some weight, but after you stop using them, the weight will come back with vengeance.

    I use them both for contest prep, I am hot all day, sweat like a whore in church and for the first 4 hours after clen I shake and usually cannot even write very well. Once the compounds wear off after 4 to 5 hours I crash and feel like I need a nap.

    I agree with Danno-


    Nothing is impossible-

    "Whether you think you can do it or don't think you can do it, you are probably right" - Henry Ford via Jay Cutler, 2011 MD post Olympia Loss to Phil Heath

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    Thanks bulletproof, i am definitely not trying to blow my heart up. My situation is that I am now 235 at 14%. I want to keep my weight the same but lower my BF so obviously grow my muscles but also lose some fat as well. What if i cycle winnie and test together with a very lean diet in carbs and calories. I know the importance of dieting and how hard it is to keep on it. Coming from a guy that has fluctuated my weight multiple times in order to go from swimming, to football, back to basketball and then to rugby. Whenever i put my mind to something i do it and i know dieting will not be an issue for me,

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    You wont be able to keep your weight at 235 and lower your BF.

    Lets say you want to get to 7%, well 7% of the 235 is 16.45lbs, if you drop that you will be 218.55. Steroids will actually have you gain water weight, you will gain 10lbs easy from long estered test (sust, e or c).

    I like what Danno suggested, however I think he was reading your comments today he might say, run Test Prop so you do not retain water or minimal water for that matter.

    As far as winny, the weight loss and hardening from that will last 6-8 weeks, after that the water will come back.

    At 235, lets say we took you too 250, but then got it to where after 16 weeks you dieted down to 220ish and was able to be at 7-8% there?

    I am thinking of Test E and EQ. Maybe a front load of Prop for 4 weeks until the e stabilizes, so you get some piss and vinegar from the prop after a few days and don't have to wait 6 weeks for E to stabilize.

    Your diet will need to change, if you eat every 3 hours and keep it clean and can add fasted cardio in the AM or glycogen depleting cardio at night, we can get you popping some ABS and still rocking that massive 220+ build.


    Nothing is impossible-

    "Whether you think you can do it or don't think you can do it, you are probably right" - Henry Ford via Jay Cutler, 2011 MD post Olympia Loss to Phil Heath

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    Thanks bullet proof,
    So test E and EQ is what your recommending?
    Can you recommend a cycle plan for me with specifics and just for this time only write the full names so I don't mess this up. I appreciate your help

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    Test E/C Weeks 1 - 16 500mgs Per Week
    EQ Weeks 1 - 16 600mgs Per Week
    Weeks 3 - 16 Arimdiex .25 - .50mgs EOD - E2D depending on how you feel

    At Week 10 due to your age -

    HCG for 10 days 250-500IUS Everyday with 10-12.5mgs of Aromasin for 14 days, so HCG for 10 with Aromasin and the aromasin will be ran 4 days past the HCG. YES, you will be doing this while you are injecting Test/EQ

    Then after last shot of Test/EQ wait 14 days


    Weeks 1, 2 and 3 - Nolvadex at 20mgs per day for 3 weeks
    Weeks 4 and 5 - Nolvadex at 10mgs per day for 2 weeks

    You can add chlomid to your PCT, but I think with HCG at week 10, you will have any atrophy issues met.


    Nothing is impossible-

    "Whether you think you can do it or don't think you can do it, you are probably right" - Henry Ford via Jay Cutler, 2011 MD post Olympia Loss to Phil Heath

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