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Thread: Fellas! Help a lady gain 8 lbs?

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    Default Fellas! Help a lady gain 8 lbs?

    Hey Guys..

    So I have a lady friend. She is 5'1 and 92lbs . She continues to lose weight. She's look a little skinny. Ideally would want to gain 8lbs to sit at 100.

    Cardio consists of walking 1 hour 5x/week
    Weight training consists of 1 hour 4-5x/week -- Just started to increase weight drop reps a bit

    Usually girls don't have problems gaining weight.. lol.. This one does.
    I have my diet dialed in.. Would I just modify mine by decreasing the portions to fit her size? I'm not sure how to coach a lady.......... Anyone have experience?

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    You sure she doesn't have an eating disorder? I'd say what you said probably will work. And have her eat almonds or peanut butter at night

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    Yes same way you would gain weight.........EAT, Eat , and Eat some more.... Less cardio.... Modify your diet to fit the size you are trying to get her too, not the size she is. Obviously she is a hard gainer with a hell of a metabolism... Nothing you can do to change that, just have to work around it...She is simply burning more calories then she is taking in.... At first she probably wont like the increase in food, so give her a 1200 calorie serious mass shake and tell her its her post workout protein And like Bushman said, use high calorie high protein food, almonds, peanut butter, peanuts, milk, etc. Adjust her carbs and fat as well to keep the macro ratio correct. and make sure she is drinking enough water ...good luck bro

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    Please have her join the forum and post in the women's section. SexyIronLady should be around sometime in the week to answer her questions. Even though some things are similar for men and women others are not. This is best left to another woman. If SexyIronLady can't figure it out she has resources on and off the board to contact. If you can get her to join it would streamline questions and answers and get the problem narrowed down much faster.
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