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Thread: diet help

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    Default diet help

    im gonna be doig a cycle with 75 mg of test P eod and 60 mg of var for 8 weeks also doin clen and t4
    im looking to gain very little lean mass if any at all i really dont wanna bulk much i need to maintain my weight class
    so i was wondering about using less protein in my diet
    atm i weigh 170 and im tryi to cut down to 150 or so i have around 12% bf i just wanna gain strength
    so if anyone has any info on how much protein intake i should be consuming id love some info

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    -5 Protein

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    you want to weigh 150 @ 12bf???? how tall are you

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    im 170 atm im 5'6

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    If you're doing MMA you're probably gonna want to get that BF even lower to get the most out of the strength:weight ratio. It's going to take discipline but that's just everything in life . Also, is your weight class limit 150? most of those guys lose a fair amount of weight before weigh in. If i remember right GSP loses like 20 pounds or something crazy. But he is very experienced and there aren't too many people like him.

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    i plan in being aroud 150 but prolly competing at 145 or 135 idk how much ill be able to cut after i drop to 150 ill have to see how much more i can dropbut i used to cut about 12lbs each week for wrestling so ill just have to get back ito that habit

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