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Thread: MORE TEST!?!? Up'ing the Dose!?!?

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    Default MORE TEST!?!? Up'ing the Dose!?!?

    Hey guys,
    Weight:Before cycle: 200....Week6: 212
    BF%: Before around 10/11 at the highest(Water retention from T)

    I'm just nearing the end of week 6 of my first AAS cycle. 600mg TCyp a week. I feel like a silverback when I'm in the gym, for some reason the first parts of me to grow NOTICEABLY where my traps and upper chest. Pretty cool feeling. Anyways...

    Here's my question.
    I have 3 bottles left(200mg/ml-10ml) I also have 3 more coming in from a previous order I forgot about. Kinda like that feeling when you find money in the dryer. Since Ill have a good amount of gear to last me a long time at 600mg per week, should I up my dose to lets say 700/750mg, and if so--WHEN?

    Also, since it's my first cycle, would it be ok to go past the recommended 16-20 weeks and just run the Cyp till it runs out? Any comments would be appreciated guys.

    FYI, dont worry Ive also been on AI since the end of week 3(aromasin)12mg e3d and have plenty of Nolva for pct.

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    Hazcat Guest


    Sounds like things are going well. Stick to your original plan and use the extra on your next cycle and hit those legs hard. . . that's what makes you grow.

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    Good deal Haz, thanks bro.

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