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Thread: Need help building meal plan!!!!

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    Default Need help building meal plan!!!!

    hey il start by letting you know im 6"2 weighing 168lbs which means i need 2856 calories dividing down at a macro ratio of 50-35-15 to

    Carbs - 392.7g

    Protein - 249.9g

    Fats - 47.6g

    atm im pretty much just eating as many eggs,beans,tuna,jacket potatoes as possible and need a solid meal plan to follow, i also struggle with what foods should be eaten and when, im wanting to stay as lean as possible whilst building muscle all help will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Are you on a special diet?
    Reason im asking is i see no red meat & chicken which are very anabolic foods.

    So you're Aim is to lean bulk?

    What does your diet look like (training days) and how does your training routine look ( what days and time)

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