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Thread: help with diet

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    Default help with diet

    im 5'6 170 lbs 26 years old want to drop to 155
    only thing i really ever ate were pizza/tacos/burgers/chicken/shrimp
    i hate noodles/steak/potatoes
    im very very picky on what i eat
    currently here is what i eat
    boneless/skinless chicken breast 1-3 times a day with hotsauce or spinach and tomatos
    sometimes salmon but not too often
    eggs whole and whites 1-2 times a day
    f a g e yogurt (not flavored) 1 cup a day sometimes with cherries
    drink 1 cup of juice in the am and water the rest of the day
    i eat fruit/vegis/almonds for snacks here and there
    also i eat 100% wheat toast 1-3 slices a day that too much?

    today i had
    breakfast 1 slice wheat toast a pan full of egg whites
    lunch 1 cup f a g e yogurt with cherries and a chicken breast with hot sauce
    dinner 2slices wheat toast chicken breast and egg weights

    i have been on this diet about a week and lost 2lbs
    any input on what i would change would be great

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    You need to be eating about 5-7 meals a day. Small portions but HIGH in protein. Lean meats, complex carbs (early in the day only, good fats will be your best friends.

    Meats: red meats, poultry, white fish (salmon every now and then is ok IMO)
    Carbs: whole wheats; bread/spaghetti, brown rice, yams, some fruits, oats
    Fats: almonds, fish oils, flax seeds, flax oil, fish

    Meal 1: 2 whole eggs 4 egg whites, 1 piece of whole wheat toast or fruit
    Meal 2: 4-6oz of chicken breast (no skin), fruit or oats
    Meal 3: 4-6oz of fish, veggies
    Meal 4: 4-6oz of chicken breast, veggies
    Meal 5: 4-6oz of LEAN red meat, veggies

    These are just example meals. You will need to figure out your maintenance calories and drop 2-300 cal below. AM cardio (before food for no longer than 40 min) and PM cardio will be your best friend. Don't eat carbs later in the day (unless it's fiber). Keep on top of weights if you want to keep your muscle mass. You can get some form of simple carb after a workout but that's the only time. Also, check out the CKD diet.

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    Like i was saying, it's important to know what you're bf% is because if its low, dropping from 170 to 155 could mean losing muscle. i think a way to go about this is not just diet but training also. Sprints or HIT related excercise so that you burn as much fat without breaking into muscle.
    The main thing with diet is cutting down on carbs but not to the point where you dont have enough for your body daily because the body will then covert your proteins into carbs. Have you thought about a ckd?

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    ckd prolly wouldnt work too well for me i swim everyday or try to running i cant start again until my foot is healed
    ill try and get my bodyfat done

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    Dleato he posted a pic awhile back. If I had to guess his BF% it would be around 16-20%. Be better if he got it done tho

    Swimming is great! I'm an ex-div one swimmer. Let me know if you need any workout ideas! I can even set you up with some sort of swimming HIT routine. Make sure your shoulders are warmed up tho.

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