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Thread: Cheat meals

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    Once in a while I cook some bacon to go with my eggs in the morning.
    Also I eat a few home made burgers every week, either max 3 % minced beef or chicken breast on wholegrain bread with home made low fat dresing with garlic and lime.
    I cook around 1 kg of chicken every morning, but my diet is not strict and following a specific schedule. I always have lots of delicious stuff in my fridge and eat what I feel like, all healthy food of course but if I feel like having a burger or 2 for some reason, I just cut up some chicken, heat up a few wholegrain buns and Im good to go. At this point in my life Im not looking to compete or get to 3% bf, but just to take good care of my body and eat healthy without force feeding myself and dreaming about burgers at night. Burgers can be healthy with the right ingredients, so cheating isnt always cheating. Only thing with sugar I eat is the 2 teaspoons I put on my oats with skimmed milk in the morning, no candy ever since it makes me sick.
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    Whopper no cheese.. Extra onion.... Large fry and Burger King smoothie..

    OR a Wendys Spicy chicken Sandwich with large fry and a Vanilla Frosty Root Beer float.

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    Snack: Whole wheat bread with about a 1/2" of Kraft peanut butter, mmmmmmmm
    Meal: Pizza hut meatlovers pizza with stuffed crust, this is realllyy bad because theres usually leftovers and i have a couple pieces left over the day after, cant let them go to waste right?

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