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Thread: First time women Anavar cycle

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    Default First time women Anavar cycle

    My gym instructor has suggested anavar to me in amounts of 5mg in the day, 5mg at night for 6-8 several weeks. My size is 5'6", BF% 22, and bodyweight 121 lbs, i am very much into extreme exercises and this would be my first anavar cycle. I do 25-30 moments of aerobic exercise 3-5x per week; 50-70 moments of bodybuilding 5x weekly and my diet strategy contains 1 cup combined fruit, cooked poultry with combined fresh vegetables, food alternative move, and 48 oz. of water throughout the day.

    I want to get rid of fat and obtain some strong but muscular. Will anavar help me recognize my objectives. Any guidance would be significantly valued. Thank you.

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    5mgs/day max in my view, I know most females wont agree

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    i personally think you need to get your diet in check, if you are doing that much excercise and you are still 22% bodyfat, then your diet is out of whack! with that being said, the anavar, whilst is a good idea, with the workout you are doing, if you do not get your diet in check, it will all be for naught!! while i am throwing out assumptions here, in regards to your diet, why dont you give me better idea about your diet than what you posted and we can set you straight on that end. but just glancing at it, you are not eating enough protein, too much fruit and not enough water. look forward to hearing from you

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