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Thread: Test E Question DBOL + test e cycle.

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    Default Test E Question DBOL + test e cycle.

    Hi all,
    I'll try not to be lazy and provide as many specifics as possible.
    just for a bit of experience help in regards to my problem.

    General :
    Age : 20
    Height 6 ft 3.5
    Weight: pre-cycle : 103 kg's 20% BF, Start of week *5*: 112 kg's

    Cycle: Mid way through 2nd cycle. original cycle was dbol & test identical to current doses except,
    Test was bunk, this is my current worry as i've changed supplier and hopeing gear is not bunk yet again.


    week 1-4 30 mg Dbol, Thai blue hearts 10 mg by 3 split.
    Test e week 1-12 500mg/nl. Homebrew gear. nonbranded.

    PCT: Nolvadex. Hcg i cannot get =( so doing standard nolva pct.
    currently taking small amounts for gyno prevention.

    Diet: 75% clean 25% dirty bulk.

    I eat 4-5 full meals a day
    250g chicken breast 2 cups rice/vegies 2 meals.
    1-2 meals eggs/oats
    3 protein shakes
    1 meal subway/mcdonalds.


    All Body part individual split

    1-2 days off/ try fit in light cardio & abs.

    5-6 days weights. I Blatently overtrain however for now it is providing me with decent results.
    Days vary for body parts i train, i just make sure they don't hit the specific muscles trained past 1-2 days.

    Question is: Currently start of week 5 in cycle.
    I've stopped d-bol approx 5 days ago, subsequently was expecting slight strength loss & weight loss.
    However I've maintained weight, but...... Major strength loss....
    So Is the only way to determine if test is real, is getting blood work done?
    as i prefer alternative methods to find this out, as i prefer my doctor not too see major increase in test levels.

    Slight cork from test e i inject once a week alternating between both of my quads.
    Constantly hot, change in moods libido great, but no energy/pumps as of yet.

    thanx for taking your time to read my post, looking forward to some good input. & experience on this.

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    your sides could be related to dbol estrogens, if you use nolva for estrogen then you in ty trouble, get arimidex or aromasin, swing moods related to estrogens.and to check test, bloated face, oily skin, sweating, hot inside, ,but all t this you get from dbol, so you need to wait and see if your diet is good you'll be getting your weight back soon. plus you can't overtrain on test its just no chance if you fell you overtraining after 45min champion training, then your stuff is shit: )

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    The test E takes about 6 weeks for me to begin feeling its effects. I would say give it another week ot two.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
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    thanx for your input fellas

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    You shouldn't use Nolva to keep estro at bay. That's not what it's used for. You should really look into an AI
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    Thanx for heads up, I'd Like Armidex for now. however hcg armi etc. none of my sources have these sort of products unfortunetly....
    have to make due with only nolva.
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    Blue banner at the top is a sponsor of IS. called ag guys.. They've helped Aussies out with ancillaries before. You should giv em a go. Btw your looking for liqui-dex. I also edited your post to cover your ass man!
    I'd rather be riding my motorbike thinking about god than sitting in church thinking of my motorbike. Amen to that!

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    thanx alot =)

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