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Thread: diet for old man lol

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    Default diet for old man lol

    42 years old 6 ft 2 ex rugby player 264 pounds bf about18% training 2 years

    need help with diet as useless just need simple answers please head been smashed a few times lol

    walk hour a day knees fucked now train 5 times a week a hour a day

    meal 1 10 egg whites porridge 100g
    meal 2 2 chicken sarnis
    meal 3 pasta/spud/rice with chicken
    meal4 m,eat veg
    meal 5 shake

    any suggestions want cut down

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    Any Multivitamins in this is?
    Cut the spud, porridge,rice and Pasta dose in half.

    Not sure your Caloric intake goals. But all of those starches aren't going to help the cutting.

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    Hazcat Guest


    Also need some good fats from something like flaxseed oil, fish oil, olive oil . . .

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    Hazcat Guest


    If that has truly been your diet I don't think you would weigh 264 lbs. Exactly when did you start eating this diet?

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