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Thread: Single vs Blend

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    Not a hugue fan of blends. If I want a blend I will fill my own syringe.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
    Muscle Forged In Pain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bufbiker View Post
    Not a hugue fan of blends. If I want a blend I will fill my own syringe.
    This is what I call buffing up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Running View Post
    Florida Sorry man I was dead tired when I got home and didn't focus.. my bad

    Androgenic & cbb Thanks for your replies guys much appreciated

    Any Canuck around? please p.m me
    No problem, I figured you just missed it because you were typing a reply when I posted.
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