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Thread: HGH tips for my gf

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    Default HGH tips for my gf

    My gf wants to run a hgh cycle and i have already ordered 300iu. her stats are 29, 5'7", and 190lbs. my question to you all is what is the ideal hgh dose for girls? i had also ordered bac water. On a post, i saw that it is best not to eat for thirty minutes after the hgh injection, is this really right??

    does hgh use cause any libido changes, my gf is presently very much on the higher side and i want her to stay like that

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    300 IUs? thats a lot, max is 1 IU per day

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    its amazing that you ordered all of this prior to gaining the knowledge. anyway with that being said, people run differently, it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish out of this. to give some better info to you, what are her goals, from this i will give me opinion.

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    Welcome to the site. Since this is the womens side of the board it's against board rules for men to post on this side. You may post your question on the mens side of the board but I would highly recommend your GF to open her own anonymous account and post herself.


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